Gorgyra is a female death goddess and one of many other-worldly variants of the Greek figure of the same name, or in the name of Orphne and Styx. This one, in the SpongeBob world, is a nymph and the sister of Orphne and Styx, creating the Styx River that is operated by Hades. Gorgyra is known as the goddess of death by drowning, and she acts as Hades' work in the ocean when deaths occur there, while the other sisters would be busy elsewhere in Tartarus. She acts as a lackey for Hades, and watches over the progress of his two harpy lackeys Abuse and Misery. She has as much a temper as Hades, but at the same time, can calm down yet can suffer mood swings, and expel water from her body. or even monstrous water spirits when she is angered enough, or her hair could turn to steam.


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She is a dark-themed water nymph that has black wet hair, is barefoot, has a black-and-blue water-themed dress, demonic blue eyes, and pale skin.

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