Gorsgothans, Gorsgothi sapiens, is a fictional species of interdimensional energy beings published in Kratos' Generation Comics. They are portrayed to live on a planet called Gorsgan, which is much different than Earth, having an atmosphere filled with a conductive gas that keeps the Gorsgothan race stable. While the planet does have a wide variety of life, the Gorsgothans are the most dominant, being capable of manipulating their own energy and energy sources, shapeshift, and possess Superior-like powers. They have had a massive war against two empires, the Orlianna Empire and the Corlann Empire. They were both run by two siblings, Emperor Orlanthus and Corlust the Disintegrator, and their conflict has left to Corlust to overthrow the empire by framing his brother for the murder of the agent parents of three Gorsgothan babies. But when he took over Gorsgan, he was told of a prophecy that should the three children stand up against him, he would be overthrown. To ensure this won't happen, he banishes the children to Kratos, a world of his interest. Since then, he ruled Gorsgan for 19 years until the exiled Gorsgothan children, calling themselves The Enigmas, stood up against him. Corlust has been trying his hardest to stop them, even with them discovering his brother's resistance fighters. He plans to take over both Gorsgan and Kratos completely by unleashing a Gorsgothan demonic creature called Cortex the Abomination, who was banished in ancient times for being too dangerous. While he was able to unleash the beast, and some of the Resistance gets killed, the Enigmas stop it and lock him back up in his prison. They overthrow Corlust, and the Orlianna Empire is brought back once again. Since then, Corlust has been getting revenge, even asking for help from The Followers of Qo'doo, the new main villains of the comic series. Since Kratos doesn't have the conductive gas that keeps them stable and would disintegrate if they entered, any Gorsgothan has to take the form of a Superior to remain stable, though still retain their powers. Any Superior who goes to THEIR planet, however, will disintegrate within seconds due to the planet's molecularly-unstable atmosphere. Several Superiors study the biology of this race, and one of them, named Jenny Legacy, is an ally to the Enigmas who serves as their means to interact with the Superior world.


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Abilities and Biology

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