Gou Yueliang, AKA The Dog (), is a Chinese Chongqing dog from the world of Kung Fu Panda in China. He is a member of the Chinese Zodiac Kung-Fu Animals Society, and the one that has to be born in the Year of the Dog in order to be a powerful member, and wields earth. This is a member that is usually limited to a personality of being valiant, loyal, responsible, clever, courageous, and lively, yet sensitive, conservative, stubborn, and emotional. Gou is fairly balanced as even though he started out as a Kung Fu enthusiast like Po, he changed half the time to accommodate the etiquette of being The Dog. He is still brave, enthusiastic, willing to repent for his actions persistently, yet has reduced sensitivity and the behavior of a K9 police dog, being ruthless and unresponsive when fighting, can cause less damage around him, and can be very self-important at rare times.


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With the Chinese dog pinyin tattoo on his back, Gou can use the power of Zodiac chi. The tattoo, the Tattoo of the Dog, only works for a dog born exactly on the Year of the Dog. (More coming soon...)


Gou is a Chinese Chongqing dog with a similar appearance to Master Lun, but taller, has a robe identical to Laoguanzhu of Kung Fu Rabbit, a red tail band, and a Chinese dog pinyin (狗) on the front of his robe.

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