Govenor Dip S. Hitlock

"All I wanted, was only to live an ansisterial dream.... IS THAT TOO MUCH FOR THE UNIVERSE TO LET ME HAVE!?"

Govenor Dip Simony Hitlock is the Ohugan govenor of the troubled planet of Recex and is basicly dealing with the end result of his ansistery's basterdious actions of usurping Recex from the Native Recexians. Dip's ansisteral legacy was all about trying to introduse Recexian Magic into the Larger Universes because of the potaintional it had, but it was almsot ruined by a mere refusal cause the then leader of the Native Recexians didn't saw the Hitlock at the time worthy enough for the gift, of which the ansister Hitlock only proved by ordering USRA soldiers to attack the Native Recexians and forced them to retreat into what became "New Recex". Thus the usurper colony took over Recex and started to mistreat the magic for their petty desires. But thanks to the Leftbehinds causing a dictatorship problem and bring ruin to the Hitlock dynasty, the universes came to be aware of the dark sins of the Hitlocks, thus Recexian Magic was universeally dumped due to bad assusiation with exception to Mandarious and Weiss Whitefield. The Hitlock ruled colony was ultamately denounced by the larger Universeal community, so even with the assassination of the left behind leader, it was only a bittersweet victory when the damage was done. Thus, the Hitlocks forced Recex to become a planet of conquest to survive it's newfound economic downfall, though thankfully these threats were left empty thanks to The Restorers of Recex. Dip now foundself the inheredtor of a broken planet with a dead dream for Recexian Magic, of which he also inhered the Hitlock bitterness about this dead dream. This bitterness got bad to the point that he made Recex openly support the VA because he thought it was the planet's chance to revive the dream, but come the VA's disbansion, it only served to give Recex a bad name and nothing to gain from it. Dip has ever since became the spoiled brat tyrant of the problem child planet ever since, and he blames all his misfortunes on the Native Recexians, even when his ansistery started this downwordspiral.
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