Govenor Hija Techa

Govenor Hija Mylde Tecna

Governor Hija M. Tecna is an Alternate UUniversal Xorabeak from Planet Carbungia. He was a governing bird, the same species as Governor Foul Cheese, and the member of an entrepreneur family that did not just real estate, but also provided during years of hardships until they started losing their luster during the Interuniversal War. They bought a land in Carbungia which was filled with youth-granting metaphasic radioactive crystals that could save billions during the devastating war. But because the valley suddenly got taken and claimed by an Eramish (AUU Amish) colony from Borgon that was shanghaied to Carbungia during an illegal slave and conversion operation, they took up good and prosperous homes here to the point where their preacher said that unless they wanted to suffer prosecution for a hate crime against a minority by infringing in their choice of home and for anti-Eramish comments, they will not interfere and threaten them. Thus, the family was left in the dust until one last relative, Hija, came in and after years of failure to regain what was taken from his family to the point where he went on borrowed time and thus took life extension serums to ensure he does his job right, he couldn't take it any longer. He thus took drastic measures and took the preacher hostage, giving his people an ultimatum: either get off his family's property and relocate, or let their noble preacher die as a organic being and turned into mindless cyborg slave. But later, his authority was challenged by Councilman Oswin, a warrior who labeled his actions as wrong and that he can't force people to leave their own homes. Accusing him of treason, Hija tried to imprisoned him, but failed because of an unsupportive goverment council. To add insult to injury, Oswin's hometown decided to aid in his cause and help him preach against Hija's campaign until Oswin confronted Hija himself. After getting the govenor impeached, and with Hija's life extension serums finally reaching the end of their effective warranty, Hija spent his last words scolding Oswin for the fact that he might've doomed the AUU to the Villains Act, and finally dying. But despite his words getting to him at first, the freed preacher gave him words of encouragement that ultimately got him to go into the Grand Council.


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  • (Final words) "Are you happy now, Oswin? Are you proud of yourself that you forever condemned us to war and death?! Well you better?! Because I am the last of my family. After I am gone, no one else will go after those beautiful crystails who hold an impourent secret to our salvation!? May you forever be riddled in regret, that you wronged someone, who only wanted to do the universes a great service. I hope the happiness of stupid primitives, is worth an eventuall unstoppable Villain Dystopia..... YOU, IDIOT?!"
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