Govener Buzz

Governor Buzzchen Kiebu Lliannar, or Buzz Ki Ller for short

Governer Buzzchen K. Lliannar, or Buzz Ki Ller for short, is an Alternate UUniversal Famegafly from Planet Nygia. He is a rather sneaky, conifhing, harsh, self-absorb, egotisitcal, sell-outing, paraniod and all out useless governer of Planet Nygia who is more concerned about the next big gameplan to get more profets instead of actselly helping the people of Nygia. He started out as the aide of an even more imcompident govener till he had enough of his abuse and beaten him through an unfair rig election thanks through his talent in bribery and misleading ads against the other govener. Since then, he hasn't exactly had been THAT much better, and when other potainional canadates attempt to become next govener, he cheats his way again with bribery and insulting and misleading ads. He's very charasmatic, convincing even the ever suspicious Grand Council that he's just THAT good at the elections. When he had trouble with a slightly more challnaging oppendent, he needed to up his game when Bribery and Ads only did so much, so he tried to convince Captain Asapha Sonarr of the newly founded Para Knights and his brother Arce the Arc into becoming his offictal enforcers as means to earn people's support to essentually, have an extreme unfair advantage over his oppendent. Arce, not knowing better, accepted, but Sonarr refused, being strongly against Buzz cause he clearly knows that Buzz is not a compident governer and believed that it's about time he gets out of office. Buzz warned Sonarr that if he can't have the Para Knights, then he will take them away one way or another by usurping Sonarr and/or anyone in charged of it. Sonarr only responded with a blank, judging stare, and left. He malmitulated Arce and his own gang of Para-Knights, Typhona TyphoonSnipewingCaptain RainexMoonstrikeBlack ScarCyclone Cyce, and Molti the Monsoon, dubing them as The Buzzwings, to hunt down Sonarr and forced him and his team to surrender to Buzz's will, even if bones have to be broken. However, when they failed, Buzz ultamately betrays the Buzzwings by calling his gaurds on them, reported them to the Grand Council as "Villains Act Terrorests" and had them sent to Oranos as a subsitute revenge on Sonarr, having his young brother's reputation destroyed, and to worse it off, it favered Buzz greatly when he earned sympathy through voters and once again, become the still current governer. WIth this, he made the Nygia millaterry dedicated to hunt down the Para-knights to finally become his enforcers or to alltogather elminate them if it has to come to it to make sure no one threatens his power ever again.


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  • "I'll make Sonarr regret refusing my proposeal eventally! Buzz Buzz!"
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