Governor Bronxsaboro Ve Dion of the West is an Alternate UUniversal Dinotauran from Planet Robarzion. Once being a bully in his childhood, he made a friend in the form of a visionary Ohrugan named Elegy. His father was a crusader that died not discovering anything new and he sought to take his place and be much more successful, eventually bringing his entire gang to help him, which consisted of one other Ohrugan, a Xuran, and a Rabodan named Tee, Contraxa, and Armsby. The five became visionaries of their own aiming to make history in a sector of the Delta Universe which he been mostly taken, and even included a prissy Xorabeak named Prince Priss Y. Pantsworth who only tagged along because one of his race's dukes and his father said otherwise and is defying them, whom he personally hates because of his choice of naming his own son in a cruel wordplay because of his 'serious' mindset, but also because he doesn't like beings that hog glory. This is why the team completely gets jealous when one world with a ton of potential is claimed by the Union of Independent Systems before them, driving him to break the law by colonizing his own kingdom there anyway accusing the 'glory-hogging' UIS of stealing his glory. Elegy, calling himself El Groy, discovers a magic crown and ends up mad with power, as Dion and the others serve his quest for being equally jealous. Dion was magically made not only bigger and stronger with Groy's magic, but also given Herculean strength and complete invulnerability as long as he sustains his body. Thus Dion becomes the the Governor of the West in El Groy's territory. He is the AUU version of Nomad of Nowhere Governor Toro.


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