Governer Foul Cheese

Governor Fouliouios Teerit Cheeseworth

Governor Fouliouios T. Cheeseworth XL is an Alternate UUniversal Xorabeak from Urex. He is an unjust, self-rightious govener of the moon of Urex, and has been bulling other moons to pay contributions for protaction against his "Desidive punishment" against resisters. He has a serious superiority complex and the ego to boot, and has a serious issue with pirates. Espeically to Captain Axxus, who assumed that Axxus is just another thief and always refuses to believe otherwise, even if it is the word of Headmaster Warson himself. He has paid bounty hunters, members of the Dark Sisterhood, even Axxu's foe Captain Rarxter, to try and destroy Axxus, but neither of them come up successful. The Tyrant has a checkered past that he once genisided the moon Krex when they kept refusing to pay the contributions and blamed it on the Villains Act thanks to the fact that they had been known to do such, and the Grand Council actselly believes him. He would go to dark, unjust leighs, even destroying his own controlled moon, if it means he'll destroy piracy indiffently.


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  • "Pirates, are a dying breed. And as a being belonging to the saginger catagory, I felt it is nessersary to, be present when it dies, then for me to, shall we say, clean it up."
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