Governor G2 Pedia is a Galactic Federation robot who is the president of Ropedia and a former governor for the Galactic Feds. He was a governor for over 2 centuries until his counterpart was destroyed after killing his owner in self-defense due to 'people having a right to destroy their property'. Outraged at the Feds for refusing to respond to this act of wrongdoing, Pedia quit and became the president of the robot-manufacturing and disposal world of Ropedia, and built a great robot government with the barely-functional robots. While he believes that robots should have rights on their own, some such as the treacherous Luther-PX believe that they should force their rights through revolution. Luckly, Luther isn't very well taken seriously and is always kept in check. He has an assistant named Grover-ABX, and resides in the Carbonox Capital Palace.


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