Govenor Pil E. O'Fshit

O'Shirgue (Xorabeak Guise)

Governor Pilmore E. O'Shirgue, nicknamed Pile O'Shit and Pile O'Fshit, or Pile O'Spit for modest people, is an Alternate UUniversal Gontroid from Planet Gontroy. He is an overly perfectionist governor of Gontroy who is behind why General Pelles created the Pelles Act that ruined the Neo Core's legacy, who he and a collection of the many perfection-hungry goverment offictals and senators had formed the group known as The Utopians of Gontroy, who desire absolute perfection in the planet. Now, the easy reason would be that it's just typically the fault of bad politics and that the goverment failed to embrace the fact that heroes can't always be perfect, and that O'Fshit is just Governor Foul Cheese on anti-hero steriods with Lord Shen-like Quirks. However, O'Fshit hides a far more heinious secret. He is secretly an endling Gontroian bug creature, who because his race went too far in celebrating their success of one day being in Teadr 0, they ended up pushing their slaves too hard that lead to a revolt by geniside because the people at the time deemed them worse then demons and simply didn't know any better, along with the newly founded Neo Core at the time. Trapped in enfurial fury that his race is gone, O'Fshit aimed to ruined the "Slave Traitors" ever since, espeically to their "Precious Neo Core", being respondable for every tragity in Gontroy, even had a hand in causing the robot revolution, and is espeically why the shit about the Pelles Act is diffently a thing. He knows well enough that without heroes, criminals and worse things have runed amock, of which is in part of doing a deal with a netourious Grutt crimelord who promises the return of O'Fshit's race if he does him this favor of giving him a lawless world for him to rule. Worse off, Pilmore has a heinious backup plan incase everything works against him, in the form of a planetary bomb that'll destroy Gontroy even at the expense of his own life, deeming it a just end result by believing that if he can't have Gontroy, no one will.


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Without the holo disguise generator on his chest, his true Gontroid form is a dark-blue skinned insectoid that's basically a mix between Weeviods and Qyzmetheans.

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