Gozzog the Corporate

Gozzog Iijili Qyreborne

Gozzog Iijli Qyrebrone, AKA Gozzog the Corporate, is an Alternate UUniversal Grutt from Planet Qyzlloy. He is one of the original crime lords of the Beofynzeny System that had been around longer than even before the corporate takeover of Awesome Jaxtom. In fact, he is the leader of all bandits and criminals in the system, finding the disorder of the crime confusing and founded the Banditry, the criminal syndicate that brought ordered crime in the system. Like many pre-Jaxtom criminals, he found this a grand way to make profit, as he and his family were going through some pretty tough times as even the Phaseforce was close to taking them down, yet even after the corruption spread throughout the system by Jaxtom, Commandant Steelea executed one of their family members. He is the head of the family, and is still one of the many members of said family who is actually an enemy of Jaxtom, as he keeps stealing his company's technology through raids on the Qyzlloy, having an entire high-elevated family hall that is heavily secluded from the rest of the planet and system, even to it's city Qyrebrone Town. He is a hoggish jerk and an extreme technophile who has a fetish for guns that is quite common in the Beofynzeny System or any other Armatage-Huncus-owned system. He is also the owner of the system's widely known BanditTech business where the bandits of the Banditry do whatever he wants for him including crimes against the Armatage and Huncus Corporations so he can profit through manufacturing weapons for them in return, though this creates a fierce rivalry for ScavyTech, which has scavengers, dubbed 'scavies', that do the same job and is run by a Junkogont on the moon of Epho named Scavymaster, who ironically serves as his head for the scavengers and thus sees him as a rival.


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