Grady Hopps is a European rabbit from the world of Zootopia. Being one of the siblings of Judy Hopps, he left not too long after Judy first stood up to Gideon Gray, he wanted to make a name for himself as a good asset, and ended up going to Stereotopia, a community of total supremacy where everyone lives based on stereotypes, to where it was built on the origin place of stereotypes. However, intending to get into the job choice as a farmer, he ended up never being trusted because his species, like foxes, are stereotyped as tricksters, and many rabbits in Stereotopia are such, forming an underground con guild called The Graytails, making him forcefully discriminated and almost turned into one of them, and thus rendering him into making the same choice as Nick Wilde to let the stereotypes judge his future. He has since become a con artist who has gotten in trouble many times and used clever loopholes and Bugs-Bunny-style tricks to make a living in the streets by himself.


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