GranDracmon - by Kiarou

Grandracmon is one of the original dark spawn lords before Malefor came into being. he also is a Demon Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from a demonic form of Dracula. He is the King of Vampire Digimon, and usually silent. Since ancient times, he has looked after his castle in the Dark Area, and boasts of such strength that not even the Seven Great Demon Lords can interfere with him. With gentlemanly manner, GranDracmon voice carries a "fascination" that lead to rumors that he is responsible for enticing many Angel Digimon into falling. It is rumored that he has an undying body, and that he is related to how the Dark Area was created in the Digital World, and the truth behind the mysterious "Death-X" Evolution, but because his castle is so hard to get into, it is very difficult to question him about these mysteries.

Digimon World Dawn/Dusk

GranDracmon appears as an unobtainable boss character, the leader of Kowloon Co. He is also technically an optional boss fight, as the player can pay him the 100,000 bits he asks for in return for the Kowloon Blade and his services, though most players don't have that money at that point in the game.


Crystal Revolution: Instantaneously changes his enemies into crystalline ice.

Eye of the Gorgon: Gazes into the opponent's heart, enslaving them to his will

role in the series

currently, grandracmon is an unofficial character, as scroopfan will not consider using him yet for his series.

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