Grand Duke Kafar Vaiion Jarjinski

Grand Duke Kafar V. Jarjinski, anonymous name Head Secret Founder K, is an Alternate UUniversal Original human from the human homeworld of Marbon. He is a Jafar look-a-like that tricked the President leader of the AUU humans, Lord Mandarious, into running away from a problem they could've easily fixed, because Kafar was among those that were the main reason the problem even existed. He was assigned by the Villains Act to keep the humans away from the Alternate UUniverses at any cost. He discovered that thanks to Xerxes XX's overconfidence, he must ensure the humans never return to restore everything, heal scars, repair cities, and thanks to an incredible libary of Alternate UUniversal animal and alien DNA called the BioCodex, restore species that gone extinct during the crimes of the Villain's Act. So he lied to the king that the Villain's Act destroyed everything, and tricked the humans into staying ever since. He is fearful that one day, the Alternate UUniversal sentent animals will start to get curious, so anonymously, he manipulated and orchestrated the still remaining Villain's Act remenants to cause as much trouble as possible.


Kafar was born on Planet Marbon during the late Interuniversal War. He was raised by a politician father and a waitress mother, and he became 18 on the exact same day his father was elected as a Senator. Kafar went into a law school where he got a degree in politics. Once he became 22, he got a career in politics and he had dreamed of being the President. He was able to get a chance when he became a candidate for vice-president. Unfortunately, he didn't win the election thanks to his rival candidate, Lord Mandarious, offering better qualifications while Kafar was just too confident to be fit for the job. Disappointed, Kafar was eventually made the assistant of Mandarious once he made it into the President's seat. Since the election, he's hated him for being 'much better' than he was.

A year later, he was so jealous of Mandarious' success, he eventually had enough. He joined up with Lord XandronianJling Sling, and several unidentifived founders to make the VA and gave all of the most impourent weak-details that crumbled the Human Protection Agency. He then volenteered to keep the Humans from trying to be a problem that'll eventally take them down by taking advantage of Mandarious' momentarly state of fear when the HPA was destroyed. He told him that since the Villains Act had the power to destroy the HPA, surely they had the power to destroy the humans, too, and that if they persist on quelling them, they'll be very sorry. Mandarious felt that the humans had no choice but to evacuate. All the humans in the AUU moved their belongings to hundreds of space cruisers, and flew to Breeszo Prime's ID Portal to The Tranquility Zone, all including Kafar, who has secretly been sending scout drones to the AUU to watch the Villains Act's progress, and also keep in touch with Darkness Qui when she was made the prime leader of the Villains Act. Kafar, at the same time, was charged with the same thing by Mandarious to see if their home would go back to the way it was. Though, each time, he checked in with Darkness Qui each time, who instructed him to make up lies on each monthly surveillance checkup.

Kafar was able to handle this very cleverly with help from Qui and other Villains Act villains. But when he discovered that the Villains Act was destroyed on one single surveillance check, he was told by fellow founder, Jling Sling, to tell a lie that the AUU has been completely consumed in darkness, and there is no hope for it anymore. Mandarious was shocked at this, and decided that the humans stay where they are for good. He still keeps them at bay to this day.


  • "You know what they say, ignorance is bliss but knowing is hell. And I may as well be the Grim Reaper to take you there."
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