Grand General Malevion Wyse Areoffline, AKA General Mal W. Areoff or more preferably Malware, is an Alternate UUniversal Cosmean from Planet Vivamus. He is part of a race dubbed the 'Technarums' because of their anonymous discovery of their colony on Technarse by Count Essephemer VI, and was depicted as being unknown and a complete mystery. In reality, it's more true than ever. The Cosmeans were among the rare races besides the AUU Gods to become a transsentient race, or Teadr 0, all by being capable of using adaptable quantum-infused cells to manipulate their own genetic code and become essentially immortal and nearly unstoppable, but this race thus had no base form unless they took an artificial synthetic avatar that could be molecularly manipulated like Transformers transformium, but vastly different from it, allowing them boundless possibilities. But Malevion wasn't satsified with what they were already capable of and wanted to go further, having the greatest god complex out of all the Cosmeans, in that he actually has one while the other Cosmeans didn't try to push it as hard as he did, thus, he ended up creating an invention that almost doomed them: the Compositionary Relay, which could bind organic beings to that of a higher power including digital technology and even quantum molecular energy, making them greater gods than even the AUU Gods. There was only one problem: getting to quantum composure would take a countless amount of power and the relay would have to be more improved, and the prototype he made would do the digital method only. But he could never get the help he needed for such and the project was destroyed for being too dangerous for the potential of inadvertently causing a quantom doomsday, which was not worth the chance of becoming celestial beings should it fail. Outraged, Malevion used a backup relay on himself and installed a malware that corrupted the Cosmeans' entire planetary data network and by extension becoming the planet itself, turning his entire race into 'evil' godlike beings who were brainwashed into recreating his relay to the quantum method so his race could transcend. But what stopped them was their unintended descendant race, the Spaceans, that were heavily alerted by the disturbance in the cosmos and surrounded them in a super exile shield that froze the entire race in time and hid their planet into a quantum cloud nebula as a rogue planet to keep them from finishing the job, and trying to execute all other colonies, successfully doing so with a few hidden exceptions, including their discovered colony of Technarse, which would soon come back to bite them.


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