Granny Gricky

Granny Gricky

Granny Gricky is Icky's 80 year old and extremly annoying grandmother. She will make her appearence in the two part Season 2 pilot episodes, the Seas of Captain Legend where Icky's entire family will drop her off at the Dragon Temple to be sitted by her grandson and his adventure team while they go on an all expenses paid cruise while Spyro, Kairi, Sparx, Cynder, Riku, Twilight and her friends are lost in the Atlantic Ocean during their trip to Destiny Islands for Kairi and Spyro's Brother and Sister anniversary when Cobra conjures a hurricane that sets them adrift. She also has a pet named Ashes though none of her family believed the pet actually existed.

Granny Gricky is actually a knockoff of Sid's Granny from Ice Age 4, ripping off every aspect of the old sloth's character, even mentioning Ashes. Gricky was created because Scroopfan was originally planning to create a movisode based on Ice Age 4, but couldn't due to copyright from Fox, and so had to create this fanmake/knockoff chroncile adventure, with Gricky being a replacement for Sid's Granny.


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  • (To Tizzy, Yucky, Sucky, Icky and his parents, Ricky and Lizzy )- I'll bury you all and dance on your graves!
  • (Hitting Lord Shen with her cane)- Dang nabbit! I'm trying to sleep!
  • (To Sora, Donald and Goofy)- You boys wanna get me outta here? (while pulling her out of the hole) Come on! Pretend I'm a desert that should motivate you.
  • Hey, Icky
  • Ah, I slept through the comet that killed all the Longnecks, Three-Horns, Swimmers, Flyers, Spike-Tails and Sharpteeth.
  • (In the Silver River)- Thanks for drawing my bath, Icky.
  • (In the Silver River)- No way! This is my first bath in decades!
  • (To Icky)- Get off of me!
  • What you peep'n toms all looking at!? (Talking to Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and the Hyenas) Lady can't take a bath in peace? Eye-balling me like a rump roast, *mumbles* I outta...
  • (To Girl Sora)- Such a nice young girl. (Pokes Icky with her cane) Why can't you be more like her, Icky?
  • (Singing with the Group in Sailing for Adventure) Wished we'd took a train!
  • (To Viper and Sir Hiss)- If those snakes kiss, Im gonna puke!
  • (To Tai, Matt, T.K, Joe and Izzy)- I'll push Icky overboard, you boys say it was an accident.
  • (To Tigress about slicing a peach for her)- Hey! Can you slice this thing for me?
  • Ashes!
  • (To Icky while riding on Ashes)- Come on Kido, lets go help your missing friends.
  • (After the louge reunite with Spyro and his group at Spyro and Kairi's brother and Sister anniversary party on Destiny Islands)- You got yourself a nice family, Icky.
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