Ever since the events of Grannies Gone Wild, it was discovered that Jack Pot was Trixie's uncle (No DUH!) and that Trixie was proven MORE then alittle bit furious Rainbow Dash ruined the show. Even dispite Jack Pot saying no harm was done, Trixie forces Rainbow and the Old Mares to re-take the show. But alchourse, Granny Smith desided to make the most out of an intense situation and sees this as a re-take of going to Las Pegacus again AND getting to enjoy a proper time there, this time, they would get another chance for staring in Jack Pot and Big Bucks' show again, AND getting to see the unvailment of a new Roller Coaster that replaces the Wild Blue Yonder: The Sky Dragon XXXXXXXL. This looked to be a far more promising time. However, fortune would have it not being so simple, as Las Pegacus has another guest. Lady Luck-Out, an elderly former Chancellor for the EEA, pretends to be Granny Smith's new friend so she can trick Rainbow Dash to race against her fast yet disinterested granddaughter, Speed Luck, a pony who, dispite her disinterested attitude, is a pony whose speed surpasses Rainbow Dash so she can make Granny Smith bet the legal ownership of the School and pretty much win. Trixie being present, now aims to alarm Twilight and the Lougers of this. But the heroes may not arrive in time to stop the race, so now Trixie needs a means to keep Luck-Out from scamming Granny Smith and Rainbow out of the school, and she would need the help of two certain brothers to do so. Trouble is, the Flimflam Brothers are reluctent to show their faces to Granny Smith again in due to the past. How will this play out?

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