Greed is a pony creation of Junjie and a member of The Sinister 7. He is the most basic example of all greedy noblemen and corrupt corporate/governmental/wealth-lusting tyrants ever known. Greed is pretty much the incarnate of all the greed of Prince John, but the competent evil nature of the Shrek Prince Charming. He is obnoxiously obsessed with money and doesn't think of much else. He is meant to be used as a corrupter on Mr. Krabs to take advantage of his own greedy tendencies to sell out SpongeBob to the Villain League HAD Junjie's plan in Forget-Me-Never been approved. He has a yellow body, green hair, a business suit, and a cutie mark of, well, a bag of money. His DNA doner was that of the imprisoned Black Tie due to his darkness being a bit stronger than his brother and other fellow noblemen, and was hardest to create due to greedy ponies being sort of 'rare' in Equestria.


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