Green Turbans Logo

Green Turbans Logo

The Green Turbans are an Alternate UUniversal theocratic group of insane ant-creatures called Theopods from Planet Azathoth, lead by the corrupted guru Su-Slum-Lau. They were strong believers of "The Way of Harmony", which hypocritically is anything but harmonic. It was about using laser spears and swords to go around and attack unsuspecting planets into forced conversion. They were included by the Villains Act when Darkness Qui figured their possession of spears and swords will provide great melee weapons, and primarly to hunt down reminants of a fallen defeated rival group The Group of Groon-Mas. The Green Turbans hide all around the UUniverses, their main temple, The Harmony Temple, being hidden on Azathoth. Eventually, the Green Turbans were mostly destroyed by Marcilene, with Su being slained by Marcilene the Marvel's forced hand. Some survivors are reduced to banditry to survive, while some were converted into common soldiers for the Villains Act.


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