Greybeardo The Tricky

Hyhelion Greyboardous

Hyhelion Greyboardous, wizard name Greybeardo the Tricky, is an Alternate UUniversal Titanoid from Planet Titanmorna. He is the wizard king of the Titanoids and symbolized protector of Titanmorna. He and Jegron were the greatest of protectors of the planet. That is, until the Daobassas arrive and invaded the planet. In having Jegron protect and evacuated the people, Grey went to confront the Daobassas, and suffered for it. He was tortured brutally for it, having his eye stabbed, his manables smacked enough times that it got crooked and disjointedly dislocated, he lost his lower arms, his claw on the left got clipped, his right foot toetails got yanged off, and his left anntenna sliced off for a further indignity. Eventually, in living up to his name, he escaped with his magical sand-holding staff and returned to his people. The Titanoids were forced to leave the planet for Sigrus, where Grey was given tattoos of honor for what he had sacrificed to allow his people to be able to fully escape, as they were welcomed by the sympathetic Sigros. While Greybeardo appreciated this kind feat, he grew corrupt due to extreme bitterness and self-loathing for how he failed his people in keeping the planet safe and grew an extreme hatred for the bug-hating race that booted them out carelessly and leaving the people without their rightful home. It didn't help that the invasion was more than just because the Daobs hated the bugs on the planet. It was also for greed-motivated reasons in that their planet housed a rare and ultraviolet purple gem called vulcanysta, which was worth $12,000.52 in cash, and the Daobs wanted to cheat the system by kicking the Titanoids out, due to the Titanoids' lack of familiarity with the AUU back in those times, helped little that Romaa wasn't a discovered system yet, so the Titanoids ended up never having proper justice. In his anger, he tapped into Dark Magelio magic he learned from a discovered lost Dark Magelio Book that tempted him into reading it and learned of it's many dark secrets. He cursed his people into attacking the Sigros and cursed the Sigros into mindless beasts to try and turn the Titanoids into being a merciless warrior race. However, his spell worked too well in that the corrupted Sigros ended up destroying ground cities, forcing him to take his people to the sky and made the race vow to never return to the ground, which they called 'Devil's Ground' and developed a Darwinist society, now living in AFT cities. The once noble wizard king, now a regretful tainted shell of his former glory, both ashamed of himself yet still stands by what he has done in deluding himself as what he did "Was for the greater good", even when his desires for making his race stronger would end up wiping out an innocent race that welcomed them unconditionally, just to get revenge on a race of bug-hating lemurs, in pretty much the end result of his mind become en-snared to the dark Magelio book. Thus he spread lies that the Sigros were the ones who devastated their cities because they were threatening their ecosystem to make future generations give into his rite-of-passage to turn his people into hardy beings, having pride in his race's name, Titanoids. But he developed a Kron-esque viewpoint on the AUU and believed that the Titanoids should be stronger in order to get their home planet back, and though he still holds regret for being so weak, that motivates him to keep trying and ensure that all who are considered weak in his eyes, like the people who fail his rite-of-passage, are killed via banishment by law. He will even kill people himself for questioning his authority, including his own son Killtron and his own wife Jegron. Though he feels bad for the Sigros, he will rather put their lives on the line for his own people's survival, viewing it as 'survival of the fittest'. He will even sacrifice the few to save the many. He will do anything for his race's survival, even if it means taking people's lives.


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  • "I didn't wanted to do this to the Sigros after the kindness they gave us. But I also didn't wanted the damn Daobassas basturds keeping My people's rightful home?! It is only regretful, that I desided that I hate losing Titanmoana more then I hate being a basturd to the Sigros like this, and cursed them into mindless beasts! But I promise you, it's all for a greater good."
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