Griff Griffinshire.

Griff Griffionshire is a member of the Griffionshire clan. Griffions have originally founded the pony slavery foundation, and the Griffionshire family were the biggest supporters of it. The result is that they benifited from Pony servitude, and become wealthy for it. Griff had alot of brothers and sisters, most of them young. However, Celestia, who came to believed that thanks to negitive outcry by ponies who disliked the idea of being made into labor, issued the slave trade to be shut down, and every griffion and other mythic beast family surrendering the pony servents. Those same families suffered as a result, and Celestia ended up being unaware of the unintentionally malevolent move was made on them, espeically to the Griffionshire family. Many of the young brothers and sisters of Griff died, while his elders left to find greener pastures, a result of being unable to bare the deaths. Griff was the only one who wanted to correct this injustice, cause dispite the ironicly cruel sounding name, the Pony Slavery Foundation was somewhat benvolent when ecomonic stuff is concerned, and angry ponies prevented Celestia from negosiating a reasonable compromise. He ends up becoming an assusiate of Prince Blueblood who he allied with Nefarious in a plan to restore the Slavery of ponies and undo Celestia's misguided sin apawn griffions, failing to realise he is not being any better then the ponies that forced Celestia that brought him into the mess to begin with.
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