Griffin Mafia Sumbol

The Griffin Mafia Symbol (symbolically demonstrating it's control on Celestia's kingdom)

The Griffin Mafia is an Equestrian criminal syndicate that is headquartered in the Griffin Homeland of Griffinmainia, and has extended it's reach all across the world, including that of the ponies, much to the annoyance of those such as Princess Celestia and Pred Judu Des. It has been around for over 50 years and is currently being run by it's second leader, Boss Grouse, the son of the previous leader, this criminal syndicate, while feared by most of the other creatures of Equestria, also has it's good side to it. They are commonly known for doing several crimes and scandals across Equestria, including assassinations, withholding of sensitive life-changing information, and doing anything for money. What makes the Mafia so infamous is that Grouse had given himself diplomatic immunity through unknown but likely-underhanded and illegal means, meaning that nobody is allowed to bust him as long as he retains it. However, when a partnership with the Mafia Alliance causes Grouse's eventual downfall and execution, the Griffin Mafia will soon be put in charge by his sadistic blind-eyed twin brother, Boss Grogan.


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  • Boss Grouse- A maroon-orange-and-brown griffin with an Australian accent who is the head honcho of the Griffin Mafia, and the son of the previous founder. He is an extremely brash, arrogant, impatient, and determined griffin who takes his job and his 'duties' seriously. When he wants something done, he'll resort to killing other ponies if it means it reaches his goals. Though he will soon meet an inevitable fate as soon as a revenge plot for the Razor Feathers goes south.
  • Boss Grogan- A maroon-orange-and-tan griffin and a half-blind brother to Boss Grouse who is only a minor crime boss in the Mafia Alliance who shared a brief rivalry with his brother and wanted his position for years, claiming that he would've killed him himself someday, until someday he would end up being executed because of getting to a certain Wonderbolt rookie's dark side, making him technical heir as it was left in his will.
  • Bart von Stellar- A navy-blue-and-white griffin who is Grouse's assistant and bodyguard. He originally served during the Griffin Navy, having enough experience to protect his boss. He is a seagull-like griffin who does not fool around. Though he can be a bit dimwitted at times, he is not an idiot that will accept incompetence.
  • Orchid- A red-violet-and-white griffin who is Grouse's niece and top assassin. She is a very vicious killer with her skills in marksmanship and melee combat. Her roar was said to put most other griffins to shame in the past, and she has been in serious baggage when she felt that her parents were too mean to her since she was kicked out of college for brutal actions and kicked out of her own home and left to be raised by Grouse.
  • Trillium- A deep-sea-green-white-and-tan assassin griffin with a Japanese accent who was the previous top assassin during the times when Grouse's father was running the Mafia. Even at an old age, she still remains attractive enough to use her kunoichi trick to distract her foes. She soon grew to be a motherly figure to Orchid, and had taught her how to become a great assassin, as well as her kunoichi trick.
  • Umbrous- An owl-like griffin who is the best stealth assassin who uses crossbows to carry on quick and sharp assassinations. He is a very solitary person, however, and will not hesitate to attack those who don't give him personal space.
  • Razor Feathers- A team of griffins who were famous for once almost putting the Wonderbolts out of business due to their superior skills and agility. But when Celestia interfered, they moved on to work for Grouse as their ultimate agents, saboteurs, and confiscators. This team of 10 griffins will not hesitate to use force on those who resist their orders.
  • Dilyan (Formerly)- A former member who was part of the Mafia before he became a member of Captain Blot's crew.

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