Though the lougers have clear resentment for the griffin council, Gilda asked them to go to griffinmainia to meet up with her Mother Hilda, (who reformed ever since Dr Marz's uprising (i think, i didn't kept track. Msm, i want you to check for me.) by Gilda and Cynder) and Hilda's new husband Mandus. While Hilda has long began to approve Icky, Mandus, thanks to Vulture-Head, isn't so fond. Mandus and Hilda are at disagreements about Gilda not marrying Je-ark, the one THEY intended for Gilda, and for a reason: Mandus has a secret with Je-ark's mother, Queen Magi, a magical she-griffin who owns a stronger griffin nation then Gilda's home. Magi wants Icky out of the picture so a wedding for Gilda and Je-ark can be done properly with no more interfearence. Icky, Iago, Shen, Cynder, Riku, Marty, Alex, The Penguins, Shrek, Donkey and Puss are made to go on a fake savinger hunt only to get caught up by the bird hunter Fluffy in heels, a female mini poodle in the same fighting sytle as Puss, but french. After sparing her life, she warns the group of the king's plan, and cause of a bad fight with Gilda about her parents, Icky is at woe and faces the same problem Shrek had when he had to meet Fiona's parents long ago. they soon sought help of the alicorn of dreams and happy endings called Happy Ever After, a business-stricted but otherwise benvolent wish granter of all. Icky buys a potion that promises to fix all of his problems with Gilda, but in doing so, Icky becomes a Phonex, and Gilda becomes.... a bigger griffin. While Marty, who was the tester, becomes a horse stallion! togather, they must brave to the adventure to win Gilda back before Magi takes advantage of the situation, get Mandus to realise Magi's trickery isn't worth it, Stop Magi, and over-all, prove that love always succeeds even the lovers are two diffrent species while Puss acknowledges Fluffy for sharing the same personality she and Puss have in common.

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