Grigmor Waxplaxer

Grigmor Bai-Jax Waxplaxer

Grigmor B.J. Waxplaxer was a fictional interdimensional supervillain published in Kratos' XD Comix. He was a kangaroo/monkey blend creature that was the first and worst enemy of Agent Mathis. He was a former prince who got banished for bringing great shame to his family for trying to create a super-powered being who would fight off in a war. The weapon nearly destroyed his hometown until it was taken down. During his exile, he swore revenge on everyone who wronged him and found an abandoned device that allowed instantaneous transport to another dimension. He found his way to Kratos, a planet which has perfected superpowers, and he was able to hire Hog Boss and the Quantum Smugglers to help him gain the superpowers to take over both Kratos (Which he found could be his own playground), and his home dimension. He was stopped on his first attempt by Agent Mathis, who had equal fighting moves to him. A few fights later, he was able to successfully gain his own superpowers when he discovered the illegal mutoquantonium, which had unstable effects, but maximized superpowers. He transformed into a mutated 8ft being, calling himself Grigmor the Unstoppable. He was able to enslave all of Prometheon and spread chaos and suffering to Kratos, and even the Crystal Agency was left unable to stop him. Luckily, Mathis discovers his dimensional portal and his origins, and after a brutal and destructive battle, Mathis is able to trick Grigmor into saying his name backwards, causing him to be sent back to his dimension permanently. It isn't until the final comic books of Generation 1 that he was able to find a way to return to Kratos with only a few of his superpowers remaining. He used his shapeshifting ability to successfully frame most of the Crystal Agency into nearly being taken down. With his powers being restored with help from the enslaved Quantum Smugglers, whom he had betrayed as Grigmor the Unstoppable, he was planning to destroy Kratos. The effects of his plan were surreal, but Mathis, Femme Fatale, other XD Comix heroes, and some villain teams who didn't want their homeworld destroyed were able to confront him and Mathis had him executed at last, bringing peace back to Kratos. He had the personality of Discord, cracking jokes and being a real trickster who wanted to make Kratos his own playground and take over his home dimension. The powers he was able to get as Grigmor the Unstoppable was super-strength, super-endurance, super-longevity, super-mentality, shapeshifting, telekinesis, power negation, super-flight, electricity manipulation, and a healing factor.
  • MCode: ElmHfPnSeSfSlSmSsSshTk


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