Grim-Nor is a nortourious "Black Orc" Orc Hun leader that is a serious scourge to all of Equestia. Grim-Nor hailed from Mythos, and is a seeker of volient conquest. He figured a "weak planet of ponies" would be a simple and quick invadion that would prove his Imfamy quick enough. However, he was soon met with his newfound destin enemies, the dust clan, mainly Lighting Dust's grand father Shining Dust, a wonderbolt. He bravely stood up to the volent orc warrior and prevented destruction to his village. Just when Grim was about to get the upper hand, Celestia swiftly defeated Grim-Nor with magic! She cursed Grim-Nor and his orcs to forever being unable to leave Equestia, forever preventing him from seeking to harm more worlds, and is then exsiled to the badlands. he quickly became the nightmare of other badland exsiles, for sometime until an oppertunity to seek venegcne on all wrong doers comes in the form of Team Nefarious, but what he doesn't realise, that also waiting for him, is his eventual downfall. Cause Grim-Nor is from Mythos, he can't tecnecly be justifived as a full blown Equestian, but in light of being banished to the badlands and cursed to never leave Equestia, that same tecnecly also states he's equestian by curse and law.
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