Grimaces of Remena, historically known as Phobias during ancient Zyaūar times, are monsters of Grim magic from the Alternate UUniverses of the Planet Remena. Similar to the Creatures of Grimm in the RWBY franchise, these creatures are different and actually represent fears of many ways. To distinguish them from Grimm, the Grimaces are not just blackened versions of mythical creatures, but they are incarnations of certain fears.


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Historically known as Coulrophobias, or sometimess called Clownz, these Grimaces are zombified clown figures with uncontrollable maniacal laughter capable of scaring even the toughest of Remena's Espers. They can crawl on walls, they can take pain and keep on fighting, they can shapeshift their hands into an unlimited amount of weapons, and they can infect other people and turn them into more Glowns. Sometimes they can come in various classes, from the standerd bodies, to the large bodies that can adorn clubs, hammers and other blunt objects, midget varients that are often sharp-shooters, Glowns with abnormally long legs that weild bubble wands that either produce fire, acid, dark magic bubbles, or even dark healing magic to other Grimaces depending on it's job caste, and sometimes commander varients in the form of a jester-like being on a flying spinning star that has athority over all Grimaces.


Historically known as Sociophobias, or sometimes nicknamed as Dino Speed Demons or Raptorcycles, these hybrids of raptors and motorcycles are used as transport for many Grims or even other Grimaces. They're often the fastest of grimaces in both forms, but the drawback of this ability is that they can be rather frail and not that difficult to fight, though the fact they come in groups and are so freaking fast to begin with only makes their frailitity not nessersarly helpful info if you can't even hit them in their fast speeds or if your surrounded. Often only skilled Espers are even able to accreately combat these creatures.


Historically known as Acrophobias, or nicknamed Terrordactyls, these pterodactyl-like Grimaces are the RWBY Nevermores of Remena. They're the commen air-beast of the Grimaces and are often known to drop additional Grimaces into the battle field or even abduct persons of interest or nab a particularly troublesome person to ease conflict. These creatures are even a danger to flight-capable creatures, as these creatures are able to fly in the toughest weather conditons and are even able to "fly" in water simular to mantas, so even sea creatures can't be garrentied to dodge them accreately. In Grim Culture, Grimdactyls are revered as angels of justice and punishment, which in Grim terratory Grimdactyls often monitor the Grim Towns and respond first to any outsider that would cause trouble.


Historically known as Phasmophobias, or also refered to as Nightmare Fuelers, these dripping ghost-Grimaces are the RWBY Geists of Remena. Possessing the same cackling insanity and shapeshifting hands of the Glowns, Ghasts possess everyday objects and use them against people. Ghasts are more of an espionage Grimace, as outside of afforemention abilities, they can go down rather easily, so often the Ghasts are more akin to spies and savataurs then direct combatents.


Historically known as Phonophobia, Or nicknamed as Utter Brutes, these beasts are the RWBY Beringel of Remena. Being similar to cavemen and gorillas, they possess four additional arms and an ankylosaur tail. Their most trademark quality is their animalistic noise and screams. Forcedraggers are unquestionably the brutes of Grimaces, though Occultra actselly only use them in select intences because Forcedraggers tend to be overtly destructive to even other Grimaces, thus often a particular Grimace force would have no more then only 1-to-3 at a time, the number only incrising if the Grimaces are faced with a particularly adverseable oppendent. Though Forcedraggers are all musle, that doesn't mean they're stupid as they can adapt to particular stragities, albeit their learning curve isn't nessersarly fast.


Historically known as Entomophobias, or nicknamed as Hydratis, these creatures are giant mantises with anaconda-like snakes for arms and behave like the Crater Vipers of Buzz Lightyear. Grimtis are basicly the army number redusers of the Grimaces and are used to shrink down Remenain forces on noticingly tough fights, as well as being useful in going after crowds apawn crowds of people for capture. Though their walking speed isn't much to write home about, they can jump and glide for considerable distences and catch up to armies or fleeing crowds just as effictently. These creatures have regenitive features, allowing to grow back lost bodyparts, even the head, after a certain period of time, hence why Espers are taught to burn the entire Grimtis body to smoke as a more effective way to defeat them.


Historically known as Halitophobias, or nicknamed as Croaks, these amphibian Grimaces act like the Lickers of Resident Evil, except they don't evolve after eating. Instead, their tongues are centapedes and also are basicly toad-heads on tentacles of many forms and their mouths unload an unnatural plethora of consumable monsters like insects. Tentatoads are often used as adbucters for smaller crowds or stranded millaterry personal, cause their slowlness isn't as great for larger crowds as the Grimtis are, but their very strong grips more then make up for it. Tentatoads are also useful as security measures for impourent bases and Grim controled prisons.


Historically known as Ethnophobias, or nicknamed as Hatters, these are three-headed monkeys with random assortments of hats. Though Noevils are combat capable, their greatest powers come from being able to telepathicly speak to people and tempt them into their service with very idealistic promises. Noevils are known to create traitors within Remena forces and cause riots and disfunctions in Remena socity, even causing loyal bodyguards to attack and harm their superiors. They are known to bring out the worst of people this way, hence why Espers are taught to ignor the Telepathic promises of a Noevil as much as possable. The Noevils are an obvious play to the netourious phrase, "See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no Evil" about the monkeys doing certain jestures based on the phrase, thus, the Noevils' heads are based on that phrase, where the three heads would lack certain features, like one head would lack ears while the other eyes and the other a mouth. Though the random hats make them look less serious, this was an intentional design choice to help the Noevils better lure in easily controlable people to do their bidding, for the hats distract from the otherwise unpleasent physical appearence of a Noevil. They come with additional monkey hands and feet that allows them to climb serfaces and to move quickly.


Historically known as Arachnophobias, or nicknamed Nopeulas in honor of how terrafying some people found these creatures to be, these are giant spider Grimaces with pulsating tentacles protruding from their thoraxes. These tentacles are living strings of webbing and their venom instills fear into others. These creatures are often the assult tanks of the Grimaces and are utilised to keep fear active to prevent people from ceasing to being afraid to make Grimaces blind to them, thus often it's considered stragiticly impourent for Espers to knock down Crawlers quickly or keep them distracted from their purpose.


Historically known as Pyrophobias, or Simply as Grimthons, these dragon-like Grimaces have giant transparent red wings, and have unfathomable pyrokinetic powers. They are pretty much the stealth jets and heavy assulters of the Grimaces, as these creatures are known to do instent damage to stragitic bases for Remena's forces and do so quickly enough to make soldiers panic and left vulerable to an incoming Grimace Assult soon after. These creatures are often considered to be Occultra's personal faverites because rarely these creatures are seriously defeated, even by Espers.


Historically known as Spheksophobias, or nicknamed Grimwasps, these are the RWBY Lancers of Remena. They are giant wasp monsters with sting venom that instills hysteria and any kind of fear. They're basicly the airborne equilent of Crawlers and take-over maintaining fear and panic within retreating crowds when Crawlers either fall or got distracted. Sometimes these creatures aide in capturing people in an even higher effictentcy then other Grimaces, made worse that they can travel in swarms overwealming to even Espers, so heavy losses are always garrentied with team.


Historically known as Megalophobias, or nicknamed as Massers or Regenerator Giants, these sauropod-like Grimaces are the RWBY Goliaths of Remena. Like Goliaths, they have lack of hostility due to their learning of the consequences of sentient conflict. They have a metabolism so numb, they can wait for any conflict for eons. Though, what they lack in an ability to be active fighters, they make up for it by being walking regenerators of fallen Grimaces that retreat back into their massive anklyosaur-like mouths that breaths endless black smoke, which in short moments restores a perfectly restored Grimace ready for battle once more. They can sometimes even produce grimaces that help them capture people, like Grimjellies that can help capture people within close ranges, and large Reaper Leviathon like creatures known as Grimace Reapers that go after more long-distence crowds, so even if the creature itself isn't actively causing trouble, it's abilities and speicalised grimace helpers are. They are also extremely durable, surviving even from the strongest attacks from the best Espers, which only serves to have their helper Grimaces charge at you aggressively. Though once a Re-Gaint IS down, it would only be so for nearly 8 months as the Re-Gaints can regenerate still even after being rendered smoke, though it ends up taking longer then when it was still active, though even then, the fact that a Re-Giant IS down at all, is a sigh of relief for Remenain forces that at least that Re-Gaint would be gone for even only some time.


Historically known as Nyctophobias, or nicknamed Demoralisers, these zombie Grimaces are the RWBY Apathy of Remena. Adapting to a cruel, hopeless, and insignificant society, these creatures drain willpower and the drive of justice in their victims and have indescribably horrible screams. Willdrainers though, are not much for combat as they can be taken down stupidly quick, so it's more like they exist to lower morale of enemies then be a threat of their own right, basicly they exist as weakeners for more combat capable Grimaces to have little issue with would-be adversaries.


Historically known as Astraphobias, or nicknamed Grim Numbus, these Grimaces are living weather and storm clouds that induce negativity through it's weather manipulation powers, raining black corruptive goo to spawn other Grimaces, and strike people into nothingness with lightning. The most infamous of these type of Grims is one refered to as "Black Ice" of Almana. Occultra, even at her worse, thankfully only likes to use these Grimaces as either last resorts or basicly a glorifived defence guardian for vulerable and/or impourent Grim strongholds. Albeit because Occultra believes that just constintly using the Grim Nimbuses would make things "Too insultingly easy" and wants to win her grudgematch with Remena "As fairly as a grim can allow".


Historically known as Hydrophobias, or nicknamed Sea Terrors, these sea-monster Grimaces are a blend of RWBY Leviathan Grimm and traditional sea monsters, having hundreds of hydra heads, and water manipulation powers. They're basicly more like the Grimace Sea Navy and would often be utilised to smackdown Remenian Navy Presence or to go after retreating ships from Grimace attacked places. Sometimes Hydros can have Grimdactyls resting on them, which can be used to swarm and surround the boats of interest.


Historically known as Germophobias, or nicknamed as "Grim Flu" or "Grimluenca Virus", these creatures are giant germs that spread a highly contagious fear-inducing poison. Though thankfully, these are rarely used Grimaces because even Occultra is disgusted by the creatures and would only actselly use them to remove a particularly troublesome adversery, but only if this adversery is too much for even the strongest of Occultra's forces and if even Tephra and Tirade aren't able to handle it, and if Occultra doesn't sooner deside to handle it herself or have a speicalised grimace to seek it out, basicly making Infectors a super-last-resort/last ditch effert sort've deal.


Historically known as Ophidiophobias, or Grimakes, these creatures are giant snakes that have a hydra's ability to spawn extra heads upon decapitation. Their venom can induce dementia and mass hysteria. These creatures are utilised mostly against particularly braver areas of Remena that long adapted to other forms of Grimaces, as Serpents are created to be a force that no Remenain can ever adapt to not being afraid of it. Thus, even Espers are told to combat the serpents with extreme caution, cause no accreate way to train against a Serpent currently exists outside of learning exspearience.


Historically known as Traumatophobias, or GTSD, Grim-Trumatic Stress Disorder, someimes refered to as Shooters, these Grimaces are the personification of PTSD and are undead yet highly coordinated soldiers that can shapeshift their hands into firearms of any kind. Traumas are often considered to be more of a stay-at-home protection force of Grim Terratories or even Occultra's capital because the Traumas don't really offer what the Grimace army really needs and are thus more defence orianted Grims then anything.


Historically known as Ailurophobias, nickname Grimloots, these are flying cat-based grimaces that aren't combat-orianted as more like they are personal pets for Grims of Remena, in homage to that Grims often keep feloots as pets. Even Occultra has one, who she named "Zprinkles". They're basicly more like assistents to grims and would collect items of interest for their masters, or just as much be a grim's only shorce of affection as Grims in Remena are often treated like trash thanks to the reign of Azzhole and/or the baggage of prior bad history tainting Remena's supposed intentions to be a fresh-start for all magic users marred by unrelated history.

Grimasaurus Rex

Historically known as Odontophobias, or G-Rexes, these T-Rex Grimaces are the RWBY Creepers of Remena. They are pretty much the multi-purposes bruzers of the Grimaces and are used in occation against capitals of lands about to be over-wealmed by Grimaces, being Occultra's way to slaming the final nail into a coffin with a sledgehammer, thus also granted the nickname Overkillers. Even the bravest of Espers would sooner retreat from a Grimasaurus then actselly try to fight these things.


Historically known as Glossophobias, Nicknamed fittingly Equine Musicals, these beasts are instrament-playing Grimaces and specialised variment that exists to summon and/or awaken Grimaces in it's location. Loosely based on the RWBY Grimm Nuckelavee, it is a Grimace that weaponises music against foes using soundwaves that disoriantate even the most durable of Espers. Chi Chen has personal business with a particular One-Zorse-Bansmen that was responsable for an attack on his village. Though more comical looking then it's Grim counterpart by wearing sunglasses on the zorsehead, and holding various instraments used to make music, it is none-the-less a still powerful grimace for it's power alone. The being figure resumbles a british horsemen, though sometimes it can come to wear sunglasses as well. The One-Zorse-Bandsmen is considered to be one of Occultra's earliest creations, of which she claimed "Was going through a phase" when this creature was inceptioned.


Historically known as Xenophobias, or nicknamed Xenojells, these UFO-like cnidarian Grimaces are the personification of racism and can induce mistrust. They basicly exist to keep Grims from forgeting the existence of Azzhole's cruelty and preventing the paths to peaceful resolutions that would render Occultra a minority, as she wants to keep Grims as united against Azzhole's hatred as much as possable in knowing that Azzhole would eventually just ruin these peaceful interactions anyway, so Occultra would prefer to keep Grims from going into situations where that happens and keep them that way until Azzhole's reign is no more and peace can be established without the risk of it being undermined.

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