Grimmer belongs to the same race of pigmy trolls as Creeper that lives in Equestia that is a guardian of Tartarus with Equestia Cerberus and The Vultures of Tartarus. He's abit of an obnoxious nerd and an annoying Ned Flanders inpersonator that was annoying the crap out of ponies when he keeps failing to make friends with them. Celestia reckindised that Grimmer had no intent to cause trouble, he's just stupidly annoying. Having the high will to tolerate his annoying personally, she gave him a job as a gaurdian of tartarus, as such, if Cerberus and the Demon Vultures don't already got it down, he shows up being incredability annoying, cause the lack of patence evil of tartarus to forceabilty return to their place of imprisonment, just to be away from him! However, Tirek did what the other evils were too annoyed to do, just smack the idiot away and resume your business! He's actselly a half-cousin of Creeper, 600 and a half times removed.


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  • "Hi-Diddly-Ho there!?"
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