Grimmess Occultra Vāle Üküdangalla

Grimmess Occultra V. Üküdangalla is an Alternate UUniversal Empirid from Planet Remena. She is the leader of all Grimaces and is a Grimsister, a witch heralded in horror stories to be born out of grief, fear, hate, and anger at it's worse just like the original ones from Wraemontir. As a result of her kind's infamous segregation and discrimination which turned many of them into the criminal guild known as the Sharp Fang, she was ruined beyond the point of hope and her pure raw grief and depression turned her into a Grimsister who could control the Grimaces that ravage the world, and founded a faction consisting of her bastard Empirid hybrid daughter Tephra who was horrendously scarred and lost her left eye after killing the boyfriend of a very strong yet socially-awkward prodigy Esperess, her adopted and insane Scorpion-like Empirid son Tirade, the rogue mage Magedoc Hertzberg, and a giant bumbling brute immune to magic and tense abilities named Scorian. However she is a nihilist who secretly plans to turn against the entire world and destroy it, consuming it in darkness for their mistreatment, and does all in her power to eliminate any who stand in her way. However, she is secretly as misunderstood as any other Grim, as her victims don't die, but rather get teleported to magic stasis capsules while under the illusion they died as Grims are known to be subtly devious when provoked, as she is only trying to cure Remena from the curse of a greater threat, albeit making the mistake of pretending to be that threat, which would both be a detriment to her current plans yet an a way to bring greater help to the world then even she would've figured possable. She is the AUU version of RWBY Salem, and the details of her origin story are nearly similar to her's.


Born in a secluded and secret Grim kingdom called Occulton, Occultra's intensely over-protective to the point of physical punishments and magically-metamorphosized arachnid father kept her from leaving the kingdom, telling her that the world outside the kingdom would never accept her because of their race and that Empirids commonly practice Grim Magic, after his wife Grimess Tranzma died to a very dangerous Anti-Grim. Occultra's only hobby was said magic. However, the kingdom came to be attacked in a desistating and merciless raid commited by soldiers under the command of a despot calling himself 'Azzhole'. Occultra's father died protecting her from the raiders as she was left hidden, but seeing the brutality all the same as the crazed raiders joyfully in a sadistic way torment the Empirid Grims, even going as far as to treat it like a game as the same thing happened to Occultra's other family members, her unlucky younger and older siblings, even an innocent pet Troggle pup that barely begun to live for being owned by Grims. Occultra was left with a destroyed kingdom and her stuffed Barbear that was given to her by her mother when she was still alive, left orphaned and miserable. Desperately trying to find the power to bring them back, she began to harness Grim Magic more and tried to turn her family into Grimaces, creatures that're often products of Grim Magic. Though successful, they only came back as mindless unsentient creatures that, though they obey Occultra's command, they could not replace the family she lost. Occultra began to be consumed by grief, sadness and anger, as she was left traumatized and confused by the cruelty that was allowed to run rampant. She came to be adopted by the then council member Hertzburg in secret in a bid to protect any survivor of the raid.

The grief of her failure, the hatred brought from the cruel world, and the guilt of only bringing her family back as Grimaces, were all far too great for her and her magic was tainted by such a blackened heart and mind. She came to despise and hate the world Azzhole created, and could not bare the cruelty brought onto Grims and Empirids because of history not even related to Remena. Her newfound power was slowly manifesting and she eventually discovered she was the true definition of Grimsistery, having the power of a villain but the deeper heart of a hero. She was neither good or evil in traditional senses, allowing her to be enlightened and fully corrupted at the same time to the point of neutrality. She knew immediately what she had to do: do both good and evil in order to heal the cruelty and bring balance to Remena. Thus Grimmess Occultra was born.

Occultra organized a powerful movement of those under cruelty to begin her amoral campaign of healing the darkness of the world through turning cruelty onto them. She chose four favorites: her bastard daughter Tephra which came from a rapist who manipulated her to vilify her race and paid for it with his life, a murderous scorpion-like Empirid named Tirade whom she adopted since his murderous rampage brought on after being shunned and abandoned by his own orphanage in a Empirid-hating town, a Creijud former supporter of Occultra's enemy named Scorian whose wife was killed by Azzhole, though he blamed Celestius because the soldiers said it was "Under Mage Council Orders" and thus had the wrong idea that it was Celestius' doing, because of befriending Grim neighbors, thus he drowned himself in Grim magic and became not only powerful in the process, but also completely incapable of speech and feral, and the now former member of that same council, Hertzberg. They helped build a powerful Grim movement against Azzhole's reign through the illusionary evil and false deaths for the sole purpose of getting everyone to realize the true evil.


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