Occultra learns more about her family history when Remena has a new threat on the horizon. Her mother was once a heroic Grim who actually did her Grim job by being both good and evil, a fine-line that made her feared and revered, but she was killed by something new. A Crazo Grim, or Anti-Grim called High Grim Sheol, the leader of the Anti-Grim Cult, who hates Grims after being too horrified by their fake evil campaigns meant to teach life lessons, and became EXACTLY what Grims were seemingly showing themselves as, and seeks to kill all Grims on Remena, and then move onto the rest of the AUU. Thus Occultra calls the Lodgers, Heroes Act, and Team Remena for help as she finds out that Sheol cannot be killed due to an immortality curse and having a backstory similar to RWBY Salem, and thus is much closer to her, and Occultra's mother tried to stop her and got killed trying. Sheol starts by attacking Almana, the basic hub of all Remena's communication and beacon of hope, and intends to end his curse and himself by destroying the world for what the Grims did to him. He has more Grimaces than he knows what to do with, a giant astro-whale Grimace flying base called an Astrophobia Grimace, or the impossibly rare and near-extinct Void Whule, and a new breed of Grimace in the form of an intelligent werewolf-like shapeshifting cyborg beast called a Technophobia, or a Cyber-Tooth. But there's more to the backstory of Sheol and Occultra's family than even they both know, and as secrets are revealed, the heroes have to find a way to stop him once and for all, and if not, at least weaken him until another time.


RWBY Volume 8 Intro

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