Though it had been a long time, the Lougers have not forgotten about Grinch Groag and the Dart trio. Now with Gloom and the evil superiors working for Grinch again, it's only a matter of time before Grinch becomes a problem again. And boy, Grinch eventally finally does. Grinch uses a new invention of Stoddart and Gloom to become a virus being, capable to infect and control all computers and machines at his will! He plans to become the ultamate being of conquest by becaming a being of pure tecknowagy! As long expected, Grinch finally desided to return to be a problem again, and the lougers couldn't be anymore ready! Just as well, their superior friends and The Amazing Nine have also long awaited for Grinch and are ready to fight! But, who better to be able to truely damage Grinch's plans then with a former criminal virus himself, Viral Vi-Tar?

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