Grinchgrog Jerry Carnavan (MSM, not meaning to be down on this classic design, but, do you think it's possable we can make him look cooler then this? Apart from the weapon, he looks like a handicapped hairy santa claus in generic clothing. How is that worthy of the scariest evil Superior of all time?)

Grinchgrog Jerry Carnavan
is a superior Japanese macaque who is Grotch Prometheus' half-brother. He discovered quantonium with Grotch, and became one of the first superiors on Kratos. But over time, he became handicapped, old, and corrupt. His powers include super-strength, telekinesis, super intelligence, X-ray vision, power-augmentation, power-negation, teleportation, and an unpure super-longevity.


During the years of The First Cartoonian War, when superiors had no superpowers, Grinchgrog was born on Kratos with Grotch's father's DNA because his adoptive father had erotophobia. At age 19, Grinchgrog became co-leader of his clan after his half-father died during a Darkspawn invasion, which also killed Grotch's parents. But then one day, Darkspawn invaded again and attacked clan and started roping up both Grinchgrog and Grotch's clan one by one for enslavement. Grotch and Grinchgrog had managed to escape the invasion until suddenly, a glowing blue-green meteorite crashes not too far from their position. The two took a closer look, and manage to find this bluish-green goop inside the meteorite. This goop, which was in fact quantonium (Monsters vs. Aliens), made Grotch and Grinchgrog grow bigger and stronger like Ginormica. And so, using this power to their advantage, the two save their clan by beating up the Darkspawn until they retreated. Once the invasion was over, Grotch and Grinchgrog introduced the quantonium to their clan, and sure enough, the clan became just like them.

It didn't take too long until everyone in Kratos have been infused with quantonium. The quantonium was made famous, and was put into scientific research. Then, at age 29, Grotch and Grinchgrog discovered that quantonium had more powerful energy capacity in it which, if chemically improved, could give superiors new powers. They used this knowledge to make superiors superpowerful. They even used it on themselves, and soon enough, Grotch gained telekinesis, super intelligence, power bestowal, reactive adaptation, teleportation, and super longitivity, whereas Grinchgrog gained super-strength, telekinesis, super intelligence, X-ray vision, teleportation, power-augmentation, power-negation, and super-longitivity (However, this power wasn't pure like Grotch's). Together, they ruled Kratos, and brought peace to their homeworld. And as the years passed, and superiors becoming more powerful, they even became more advanced with their technology.

At age 35, Grotch still remained powerful and benevolent, but Grinchgrog, due to his unpure longitivity, got old and eventually became handicapped, although he still remained superpowerful. Grinchgrog became convinced that superiors were becoming way too powerful for him to even handle. However, Grotch was unaffected because he had a pure super-longitivity, and was able to run his kingdom with honor and patience. But Grinchgrog thought he was growing too old to be running a kingdom side by side his half-brother, and decided to someday retire. But when he realized why he was feeling the way he was, he decided that he should give himself more superpowers, and if he's lucky, maybe purify his longitivity. But Grotch told him he liked his half-brother just the way he was, but Grinchgrog still felt pity, and began to think that he should give himself more powers so he could feel young again. However, as the months passed, Grinchgrog's thirst for power made him greedy and evil. He decided that he should get his new powers by stealing Grotch's powers, and claiming himself the new "benevolence" of Kratos, and lead the superiors to the path of war, and that all superiors will go to the dark side.

But little did Grinchgrog know that Grotch had become aware of his plan, and tried to reason with him. Unfortunately, he failed, and Grinchgrog got what he wanted: more power. He stole Grotch's superpowers, which purified his longitivity, overthrew him, and claimed his wealth and power. Grotch was powerless to stop him, and was imprisoned in his own dungeon. 3 days later, Grinchgrog was leading the superiors to the evil path. He even got his own theme song ("You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinchgrog") to go with it. But some superiors remained loyal to Grotch, and led a 50-superior resistance called The Grinchgrog Resistance to overthrow Grinchgrog, retrieve Grotch's superpowers, return them, and stop Grinchgrog for good. It wasn't easy, and 40 members died, but they won the battle, and Grotch defeated Grinchgrog, exiling him from Prometheon. Then the remaining members of The Grinchgrog Resistance became known as The Amazing Ten.

Grinchgrog got a new lair somewhere underground in the snowy arctics of Kratos, where he plotted to get revenge on Grotch and The Amazing Ten. And he knew how to do it. 3 years later, he saved one of The Amazing Ten's members, Victor Von Gloom, from being eaten by a Power Negation Plant, though it wasn't an easy relationship since Gloom still know Grincthgrog was still a madman, and after a trick failed to convince him his friends were usurpers waiting to happen, he at least got Gloom by his sense of honor. So, Gloom became his secret assistant.

What the Amazing Ten's 'Nine' members don't know is that Grinchgrog has kidnapped Grotch, stolen his powers and his identity, and taken control of Kratos. There, whereas no one knows that Grinchgrog is back, Grinchgrog, posing as Grotch, says that 'Grinchgrog' has returned, and is exacting revenge, and tricks the Senate into granting him temporary control of Kratos' agencies and cities. However, when the Amazing 10's Nine members come into Grotch's office after hearing that Grinchgrog has returned, Super Lion gets more suspicious when he senses that something's not right with Grotch. He uses his X-ray vision, and Grinchgrog's cover is blown. Grinchgrog battles The Nine, and manages to knock out all of them except Super Lion, who overwhelms him with his invulnerability. At that moment, Von Gloom, predicting Caravan's predictable treacherious behavior, arrives to find Grinchgrog overwhelmed by Super Lion and his other teammates unconscious. Super Lion decides that Grinchgrog must be sent to prison so he won't cause devastation any longer, but an honor conflicted Von Gloom decided that he must stand trial. But Super Lion, not aware of the rescue and easily knows that Grintchgrog is a major risk too great for a trail, refuses, and before he can knock Grinchgrog out, Von Gloom uses his super-strength to knock Super Lion out. Though Grintch didn't get to enjoy his success when Gloom attacked him himself in raged for making Gloom choose his worse enemy over his friends. From that moment, Victor Von Gloom had been known as Professor Gloom.

Grinchgrog ordered the other members of The Amazing Nine to be exiled, erased of their memory, and disabled of their powers. Victor then created AE Pods (Amnesia and Exile Pods) to immediately exile and wipe the memories out of his teammates after they had their powers disabled by his Power Disablization Device. But after Grinchgrog was defeated thanks to Grotch, who escaped his kidnapping and rounded up all the agencies to stop him, Gloom had enough time to complete the AE Pod Procedure, and teleport his teammates to the Dragon Realms, then self-destruct the device to prevent Grotch from reversing the effects.

After years of jailtime with Grinchgrog, Von Gloom has managed to remove his Anti-Superpower Collar which prevents prisoners from using their powers to escape, and remove Grinchgrog's collar, and they escaped and disappeared without a trace. They went to Grinchgrog's secret underground hideout , where they've been hiding ever since. Years later, Grinchgrog sensed that The Amazing Nine's teammates have met up with each other, and is soon to be reborn. He sends Von Gloom to take care of it, but the plan goes awry when the teammates get bitten by radioactive grasshoppers, granting them their powers back, all thanks to Gloom not keeping them apart and instead used it as a chance to rekindle and start a new life. Grinchgrog is furious, and has been trying to destroy them ever since. But later on, Grinchgrog was capable of buying a quantonium power drink from the store, and use it to purify his super-longevity. So he's been living long after Grotch's 1105 age death.


Being one of the first superiors on Kratos, Grinchgrog has enormous strength and size. He also has teleportation, telekinesis, and X-ray vision. And also, like his half-brother Grotch, has the ability to charge up a superiors' superpowers to a stronger level, and even nullify them. He can even use these stolen powers for himself at times when he needs them, or even bring them back.

However, unlike his half-brother, Grinchgrog has an unpure longevity, which means he can live for thousands of years, but still be affected by the aging, which is what led him to become paraplegic. However, he can still be able to walk at times when his longevity is purified. But since he's lived so long, he might die at any moment.

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