Twilight has been the ruler of Equestria since Season 9, and became a full-fledged Alicorn like Celestia, and finds out from Celestia herself that she's actually got more than their magic, but the power of another Alicorn goddess: Queen Philosophia, the head Alicorn goddess and the goddess of friendship. Yet after dealing with so much including the new villain Grogar, or at least Discord pretending to be Grogar as a challenge, causing Sombra to return and entomb the Tree of Harmony (Destroyed in a divergent timeline), she's being more burdened than before, fearing making the same mistake she did in Seaquestria, but worse. But that's not even the worst part. With the Villain League at an uproar with Twilight ruling Equestria, they turn to the real Grogar to get advice for their next plan, seeing as there's enough at stake for another great plan for conquest with a fellow wielder of Darkspawn magic since Chrysalis and Tirek (Cozy Glow only being with them also in a Divergent Timeline) joined forces with him, and then turning on him in the end since Discord actually took his place before The Ending of the End. During this, he shows them his original kingdom of Tambelon, built in plain view of the forbidden Mount Ragnarök, the imprisonment area of a Darkspawn unspeakable to anyone in Equestria. (TBC...)

Scroopfan Draft

Grogar has returned and is attempting to take over the empty throne of Tambelon, and refuses to bring back Baphomet because of his orders to leave him in Tartarus since his defeat in the hooves of Gusty the Great, but also because it would be impossible to undo the work of time lords anyway. The escape alerts the leader of the Helm and the current keeper of the Equestrian Underworld, a powerful Thestral named Lord Purgatory, to get the Vultures and Grimmer to get help because Grogar is among the worst residents of Tartarus because he almost escaped too many times to count because he was a cunning and manipulative tyrant even without his main weapon, The Bell of Torment, that was a semi-Darkspawn weapon capable of doing almost anything to destroy the hopes of his opponents and leaves them in fear, to where even the other residents, including the normally-fearless Tirek, don't like to even say his name. Now that he's free and back in power, he has discovered something unspecified even to himself that allows him to turn anything into a Darkspawn hybrid, which is revealed to be jeweled bell that could be worn like his magic bell called the Bell of Temeluchus which is currently guarded by the worst of Thestral Abominations under the surface of the Badlands. Thus he seeks to use this to continue his plans to rule Equestria, unaware that this is being tied to the power of Mortuus himself, even with Mortuus freed from his cursed body and at peace, any trace of his power cannot be used by anyone, especially not by Grogar. The heroes, upon discovering this commotion from the Helm, cannot allow Grogar to go this far, especially Celestia as she recalls how she barely put up a fight last time they crossed paths. Celestia says they must seek out not only Gusty the Great's most powerful weapon, the Map of Infinity, which was so powerful it could dispel prophecies and change fate, all by acting as a fifth-dimensional relic that can predict several possibilities to avoid prophecies, that could provide Grogar the chance to dispel prophecies like they predicted he'd be defeated by before, and should he get this level of strong to where he can even best her Celestial Armor and be virtually as unstoppable as Mortuus, they must find the Relinquishment Tower and use the right Elements and ring the bell to undo all Grogar has done and punish him, both of which have been kept safe for centuries since Grogar nearly found them and almost found the tower and destroyed it with the map after finding and abusing the first three pieces of it and nearly finding the last. Thus, the Equestrian heroes and the Lodgers must find them and use them to stop Grogar before he uses the Bell of Temeluchus' forbidden power to try and steal the Map once again to find and destroy the tower before it can be used and Mortuus' power ends up once again causing great harm to everyone, and even himself when the bell proves to be far more incomprehensible than he anticipated and he gains a powerful Darkspawn form which he cannot control and lose his mind to where he can become even in raw power as Mortuus.


Grogar and the Villain League/Twilight the Ruler of Equestria


  • Grogar: Villain... League?
  • Cobra: "...... You, sounded like, that confused you."
  • Grogar: "Now, I got the basic concept, it's just, why, the name? Is that not a bit on the nose? Did you seriously need to over-advertise your evilness?"
  • Facilier: "Hey, it was from a very early time before we even got with Darkspawn!"
  • Cobra: "I know the name is a bit obvious, but, hey, it's iconic. Besides, it makes more sense than what the VA called itself unabridged in the AUU. They called their group the "Villains Act"."
  • Grogar: "..... (Snorts). You annoyences are not worth my time."
  • Chrysalis: "..... Told ya he wasn't gonna go for us."
  • Pete: "Welp, we failed. May as well skedaddle."
  • Grogar: BUT....... It would be foolish to judge you guys by name. I made the same mistake with Gusty... AND your two compatriots. I will NOT make the same mistake twice.
  • Chrysalis: WE SAID WE WERE SORRY!! BESIDES, WE ONLY BETRAYED YOU WHILE DISCORD WAS IMPERSONATING YOU, SO WE TECHNICALLY DIDN'T BETRAY THE ACTUAL YOU!! Also, that's litterally like, Divergent Timeline stuff! What happened either way was that we turned on Discord, and apawn defeat, well thankfully we avoided what happened in the Divergent Timeline where I escaped while Tirek got thrown into Tartarus again.... A pity he has too bad of a rap with the Leage to be brought back, I was enjoying his company. And alchourse that Cozy kid ended up turning different from the one in the Divergent Timeline.
  • Grogar: Irrelevant. The fact you two were stealing the Bewitching Bell for yourself is inexcusable. And be honest, if it WAS the real me and not a crude pretender, you'd still betrayed me. But, all the same, that is TOO an example on how much evil has fallen from graces. It clearly needs to be reshaped back to it's former glory. You still need me. You and I share the same masters.
  • Cobra: Well you seem more experienced with them than us. When you took my girlfriend, you summoned us. We're by proxy a packaged deal. We are just as valued to the Darkspawn as you.
  • Grogar: Maybe outside Equestria, sure. But I was chosen by the Darkspawn to be their agent here. You want to know why you all failed against your enemies miserably?
  • Chrysalis: Because they worked together?
  • Grogar: Not just that. Because you all have lost your edge. You let yourselves be thwarted by those misfits time and time again. I've seen your first invasion of Equestria. I even seen what those heroes are capable of.


  • Icky: (Was being choked by Cobra)... HARDER!
  • Cobra: WHOA!!!
  • Gilda: WHAAA?!?
  • Chrysalis: WHAAAAA!!!
  • SpongeBob: NEPTUNE, WHAT?!
  • Icky: You used to do this, harder, asshat!
  • Cobra: Oh thank God! Back to choking you...... Ugh, what's the point? You made it weird. (Drops him in front of Gilda)
  • Icky:... Nailed it.


  • Cobra:...... Wait, I didn't remember that!
  • Chrysalis: "To be fair, that story is neglected as all of Tartarus, so anything goes, I guess."
  • Grogar: You're failures because you fed into their shenanigans. You embarrassed yourselves and in turn made yourselves failures. It's your own fault you're not the same villains you were before.
  • Hades:... You know, when you put it that way, we feel like a bunch of pansies.
  • Grogar: "Precisely why..... I believe you bunch are not worthy to represent the Darkspawn."
  • Everyone: WHAT?!?
  • Grogar: It was fate that you came to me. I know that the Darkspawn are looking at you in shame. If it were up to me, I'd take over the Villain League in a heartbeat. But I will decide your fate at a later date. It's clear you need someone to get you back to glory.
  • Chrysalis: "..... I also told you he was gonna pull something like THAT!"
  • Grogar: Of course, there's so many other evils that I could've brought. But some proved costly. Like that so-called 'Storm Clan'. Their leader was nothing more than a clay figure copy of me. As well as the one called Cozy Glow, which I had INTENDED to bring along until this hiccup in time showed she wasn't worth it. Though all the same, I did wish the main timeline's Sombra did the same thing the hiccup did and didn't just disabled the use of the Elements of Harmony vs. outright destruction.
  • Jafar: Hiccup in time?
  • Grogar: You're, better off not having me talk about the complexities of the ever burdensome Divergent Timelines. Even from what Chrysalis had said, alot of it was too much for THEIR feeble minds. (The Frog Hunters were drooling like mad as Nuka was twitching crazily trying to process the Divergent Timeline spiel).... The multiverse is dangerously unpredictable. Anyway, where I brought you initially was only a sector of what Equestria under my rule REALLY was. Welcome to my home... TAMBELON!
  • Ruber: "..... Could've been better."
  • Grogar: "Goes to show that Uncle Baphomet didn't took caring for this castle seriously. If not just litteral filth, he also adorned the castle with his fat image!"
  • Captain Hook: "I'm, detecting a lot of family issues from you."
  • Grogar: Well he did leave me to rot in Tartarus just because I 'wasn't a good king'. But I recently kicked his ass out of my property, and a DAMN good eviction notice.


  • Another goat in a robe was seen frozen in red crystal in a snowy wasteland.


  • Grogar: That'll certainly teach him a lesson. Now, given my defeat, even dispite my understandable hesitations, I feel we must work together on this. We all get what we want from each other. I can show you what you're missing, I get Equestria back, and you can rule alongside me.
  • Mirage: Sounds like a reasonable deal... At least, espeically for how much Chrysalis left a bad taste in your mouth for her idiotcy.
  • Chrysalis: "Really feeling the love, here."
  • Mirage: Anyway. Father has told stories about you in visions recently. You're the perfect agent of Darkspawn on this miserable world.
  • Grogar: And I have heard stories about Mirage and other Darkspawn. Well, you are correct. I respect you and Fagin as Darkspawn. But the rest? I feel equal disappointment in them.
  • Plankton: "Everyone's a critic!"
  • Cobra: "Oh come on, Chrysalis wasn't THAT bad with you!"
  • Grogar: True. Based on what the Divergent Timeline did, she could've been worse. Though neither is helpful all the same. But that will change.
  • Hades: "Am I the only one un-nerved by that?"
  • Grogar: You probably should. The Darkspawn might be starting to lose interest in you. If you don't start thinking big, this could be your untimely destruction forever. You need to be more serious. You need to be the villains you were in the past. Since Cobra's initial death, you have all lost grace. You can no longer let the Lodgers know they can humiliate you. You must either own up against them, or I seriously doubt the Darkspawn will consider keeping you as their vanguards.
  • Hades:... (Gulps)
  • Grogar: So, as of this moment, until you get your acts together, I am in charge of the Villain League.
  • Cobra: Whoa, nobody demands that to us like-
  • Mirage: Done. (Cobra and so many of the Villain League was shocked)... Don't give me those stupid faces. He's correct. Ever since I took Cynder's place, none of you have improved from Cobra's death. You play to the Lodgers' shenanigans and make them look good. You don't learn from your mistakes. You don't wise up when things start to crumble. Our downfall is your own fault. It's what I've been trying to show you since Day 1! So, like it or not, until you actually face the facts, Grogar is your new master.
  • Grogar:... Some guts. (Everyone reacted crazily to that retort)
  • Teen Mang: "..... Mang, I think coming to this guy was a mistake."
  • Chrysalis: "Hey, I did tried to warn you guys that the guy is physically expensive to work with!"
  • Cobra: "...... Grogar, while I can respect that you were from a time where villainy was the pinitcle of serious business, YOU INSTINTLY LOSE MY RESPECT FOR UNCALLED FOR USURP?! ALSO, MIRAGE, THAT WAS VERY UNCULTURED OF YOU TO SIDE WITH HIM?!"
  • Mirage: "Well excuse me if I had been forced to lose out on ever going after the Princesses of Heart ever again, BECAUSE THE PLAN IS FOREVER TAINTED BY IT ALL TURNING OUT TO BE XEHANORT TRYING TO WEAPONESE AN ACOPALITITC TERROR FOR POWER?!"
  • Cobra: ".... Are you seriously still sore about that? Look, cause of the Lougers succeeding in keeping Kairi safe, those other princesses were mostly just space-wasters without Kairi to complete the ritual anyway! We litterally just ended up keeping them in statis for about 10 years and never went anywhere with it! It wasn't like the Lougers were just letting us go through with it as intended! I mean, fair is fair, that plan was doomed by virtue of the Lougers keeping Kairi out of reach!"
  • Mirage: "This, is exactly, what Grogar, WAS TALKING ABOUT?! It wasn't just the Lougers not making getting Kairi easy was the problem, not to say it wasn't helping, IT'S BECAUSE THE LEAGE WAS GUILTY OF IT'S OWN ACTS OF PROCASTINATION?!"
  • Makunga: "Well excuse us for having lives outside of being villains! We're not dedicated zealots like Billy Goat over here, being a villain is more of a, 9 to 5 gig for us."
  • Mirage looked annoyed.....
  • Tai Lung: "...... I don't think that statement is helping much."
  • Mirage: ".... You know, I was only paient with your flaws because at least we had the other princesses at all, and that Xehanort and his conpatrirots were the serious villains around the leage ranks?! But with Xehanort turning out he've had his OWN plans, on top of him actselly being a darker counterpart of the real one turning out to be a secretly misguided megalomaniac, helped LITTLE that the original Organisation 13, were actselly in on a coup against us and helped the misfits defeat Xehanorts' creations, IT DISILLUTIONED ME ON HOW UNVILLAIN-LIKE THE LEAGE ARE?!"
  • Cobra: "Duh, duh, we're still villains, Mirage! We still did villainious things outside of anything related to the princesses!? Junjie of all people can vouch for us!"
  • Junjie: "Oh sure, use me as an exsample when it becomes inconvinent."
  • Mirage: "But those attempts are tainted by what Grogar said, your quickness to entertain the Lougers' tomfoolery!"
  • Galaxhar: "Hey we can't help that, they're so..... Distracting! They sometimes do or say weird things that you can't HELP but to react to it?! It's also because of bad luck, the plot being pulled away from our favor, the Uniter, or because we were just second bananas to the OC villain of the week and/or main focus of a new villain of established media that ditches us at the worse possable time!"
  • Mirage: "Well there were times where we DIDN'T even got involved! Remember Coffee?"
  • Cobra: "Hey, that guy wanted us to mess with an AUUian, you of all people should know nothing fruitful comes with messing with them and risking HA ire, and on top of that, HE TURNED OUT TO BE WRONG ABOUT THAT GIRL IF JUNJIE'S FIASCO WITH THE POOR GIRL'S WEDDING IS ANYTHING TO REFLECT ON?!"
  • Mirage: "And then there was the unwillingness to aide with Vi-Tor."
  • Mirage: "Oh, and do we need to reference your unwillingless to bring harm to Cynder?"
  • Dr. Facilier: "Hey now, folks, let's calm down for a moment and think-"
  • Mirage: "Oh, so you were afraid of momentary scorn?"
  • Dr. Blowhole: "To be fair, Dark Cynder was always, temper-mentel, espeically when Deadpool talked Scroop into trying to cheer her up with the family guy rendition of "Good Morning", and how I kinda ruined that by chiping in. Though I admit, I have a great singing voice."
  • Cobra: "And that's not even it! Dark Cynder may had considered me her father, but she was NOT AFRAID TO SCRUTINIESE ME OR EVEN ARCTITECT OF WHEN IFFY THINGS OCCURED?! Espeically after the Dark Shen mess."
  • Mirage: "Well with Grogar, we can whip that premadonna of a dragon into shape! So no risk of such annoyences from there."
  • Cobra: "That's another thing, Mirage! This guy litterally asked for leadership assendtion in a group he had, NO PRIOR INVOLVEMENT IN, and even had openly criticised! And Chrysalis' warnings not withstanding, even for Darkspawn Standerds, he even made TIREK UNCOMFORTABLE AROUND HIM?! FREAKING TIREK?! AND YOU JUST WANT TO GO AHEAD AND ACCEPT HIS PROPOSEAL?! ISN'T THAT AT THE LEAST, ABIT IFFY FOR YOU?!"
  • Grogar: ENOUGH!!! All of you!! I said this was a temporary arrangement. And this is why it has to happen. You are all acting like Storm King right now, with the exception of Mirage. She's the only one of you who understands.
  • Cobra: "Even if a contemporary arrangement, that doesn't eased my newfound distrust to you. Be forewarned that if you try to turn the leage away from Malefor's intended vision for my placement here, or even so much as we were just pawns for your own big plans, I, will, personally, punish you so severely, YOU'LL BEG FOR TARTARUS AFTER I'M DONE WITH YOU?!"
  • Grogar: ".... (Impressed laugh), See? You're already getting there, and I haven't even started."
  • Junjie: "That's because he's in angry mode. When triggered, he gets abit violent in reminessence of his old prime. I learned alot about that the hard way. More, then I would've prefered to, which is, not at all!"

Bray Explains Grogar's Story

The Hidden Village

  • Rarity:... Well, we're back.
  • Fluttershy: I hope Bray is okay since we saved him.
  • ???: Oh, I am. (Bray came in)... Unfortunately everypony else is gone. Firefly, Medley, Algo, Flavour, Thistle, Swirlypop, Dreaming, Trickles, Tickle, Skippity, Sweet, Swinger, Twister, Holly, Sunshine, literally everypony in the town and any other is gone. Even..... My darling wife Zokapi...... Grogar took them by chains, with his forces and took them away. I barely escaped with my life..... And some part of me wishes I was captured..... So at least my wife would not be alone it whatever fresh hell Grogar would cook up!
  • Pinkie: "Well that's uncomfertably fast of him."
  • Applejack: "I just can't believe those ungrateful rams were quick to turn on Samazeen like that after all the kind things she did fer then, and after how terrorable Bahomet treated them."
  • Bray: "This is not entirely out of their free will. If Grogar was not the powerful malmitulater he was, he wouldn't've even convinced that idiot Tartarus demon to free him, let alone cause this betrayal. Samazeen could've been a queen of worthy grace of Celestia, and all Grogar needs is to say the right words to earn anyone's loyalty, let alone that of even the most sternest forsaker of him. And make no mistake, those fools having a far better will then they did being foolishly nostaglic to being evil would not change anything! They would still have one or more sin inside of them, even if they weren't as idioticly nostaglic to these ways!"
  • Starlight: "So, your saying that Grogar would've gotten to them, even if they weren't so Pharynx-like about their former days of being bad guys?"
  • Bray: "(Sighs), I know Grogar too well to try and make up stories. And some part of me wishes that everything I ever known is just made up. I would more then love to say that everything I known about him is exaggerated and that really he is a rediculious over-hyped joke. But he's not."
  • Rainbow Dash: "(Quietly) Then MSM is REALLY gonna like this episode."
  • Bray: "Please come to my estate. Your going to need some help if we're going to fix this."

Bray's Estate

  • Bray: As much as I have always been around him, I still can't help but to shudder at his power.
  • Twilight: Well I mainly know him by the Gusty the Great stories that even my mom told me.
  • Bray: That story is but yet ANOTHER Legend of Equestria is so famous and holds the hearts of so many ponies that there are variants of the story for all ages. The story is among the pinnacles of fighting against the bad parts of life that even friendship would not mend so easily. Grogar is good at using his dark power to make anypony scared of real life. It's how he conquers and wins over anyone who stands in his way.
  • Fluttershy: Y-Y-Y-You mean like Storm King?
  • Bray: Child, Grogar's power and methods of using it would make this "Storm King" look like a spoiled brat with a few palor tricks up his sleves in compairison. And not just because he wields the powers of evil incarnate. Grogar uses his power to make everypony and everyone he meets bow down before him in fear.
  • Rarity: "Well I bet the same was said about the likes of Bahomet or any other incarnate of evil wanna-bes too caught up in their own hype before the right heroes came along and defeated them."
  • Bray: Young ones, don't fail to take this seriously because you grew drunk in defeating those that only pale in compairison. Let alone even BARELY match up to him. His powers are far from just "Deluded Hype". His ways are suceeded, with the Bell of Torment. With the Bell around his neck, he can do anything to anyone to make them scared straight..... Provided if they are without fear and are nothing but enturnal bravery.... Or are too stupid and/or insane, to even reckindise fear.
  • Rarity: "Well that's a convinent drawback."
  • Bray: But not nessersarly a helpful one unless you know of someone like that. But we'll save that conversation for later. You want to stop him? Then heed this advice. You can't just fire the Elements of Harmony and/or the Rainbow Power, even if combined, because his kingdom is a darker reflection of yours.
  • Starlight: "ANNNNNND there goes our Deu Ex Machina just like that."
  •  Bray: His power is essentially pony magic copied into a darker version. No doubt he can use the Bell to create his own version of the Elements and Rainbow Power, and adapt as much as it. There's only one thing that can truly stop him, and he still seeks to find it.
  • Sunburst: And that would be?
  • Bray: The Relinquishment Bell Tower in the far north of the Frozen North. Even farther north than Tambelon. It was built by an underground railroad built by slaves of Grogar meant to come up with the magic secret to win. Grogar destroyed the treacherious slaves, but he never found or destroyed the tower. It's location is secret to even Celestia, even if she helped hide it away.
  • Pinkie: "If Icky was here, he would complain to the high heavens about how that doesn't make sense."
  • Bray: The logic behind the decidion matters not! The bell within, if using the right magic, can cleanse everything based around Darkspawn power and punish the evil that caused it. So yes, you came to the right place.
  • Starlight: Why?
  • Bray:... Excuse you?
  • Starlight: What purpose does he have in doing all this? The Darkspawn are hard for ANY mortal to ever work with. Every Darkspawn freed by a mortal has done the same thing: shun the ones who freed them and do their own thing. They would never align themselves to anyone but the Villain League, and even that can be taken into question because how often the Leage failed in sometimes embarising ways! Also, his uncle was basicly betrayed by Tampleon's very god, so, I don't see Grogy having any better luck with the other darkspawns! So what made Grogar think he was so special? What makes him think he won't destroy himself with this quest for power?
  • Bray:... A fair question to ask. and considering how ungrateful Mortuus was to Bahomet, it's not hard to see the same rules applying to Groger. However, this tale, would discourage any hope that Groger is just another short-coming of hype waiting to happen.


  • (Grogar): Grogar started out like the rest of the rams when a non-corrupted Mortuus created them. But..... Grogar, out of all the rams, because of being Mortuus' faverite, was the one most exposed to him. That included Mortuus' downfall. He was close to Mortuus' growing madness..... And became as dark as he was. Even with Mortuus eventually defeated down, it was too late to fix Groger. He would come to spread that taint to the rest of the rams. Harmony would came to be lost in Tamalon. And Groger, wasted no time to rise, in infamy.......


  • Bray: After that, well... The rest you may say is history.
  • Starlight: "But, that's the thing...... Groger wasn't BORN a darkspawn. He only became one because he was around someone on the path to it himself. And just because he became one doesn't mean he's AUTOMATICLY capable to walk and talk like them, let alone use their magic perfectly. That's like expecting Twilight to be a perfect Alicorn because, she is!"
  • Twilight: "Hey."
  • Starlight: "What I am trying to say is, if he tries to get more darkspawn power, he would sooner end up destroying himself then become Equestria's would-be conguror."
  • Bray: "..... Hmmm..... You actselly made a good point. I forget about the rams origins as Pre-Corrupt Mortuu's enforcers of death means that they bare no direct linage to Darkspawndom. If what you say is well enough true, and it is in throey, then I guess Grogar is more like his uncle then he would ever want to believe."
  • Rainbow Dash: "Well still, it wouldn't hurt to stop him anyway. Ya know, out of princeipal and that he's being a total dick to everyone."
  • Bray: "Aye. But most of all, it would be wise to not trust a throey until we know for sure that Grogar really is on a self-ruining path."
  • Sunburst: Well if you are still taking this seriously dispite what Starlight said, then he pretty much knows what he's doing.
  • Bray: That's because I was his soul slave. I was abused every time I got out of line. He's just as notorious as his uncle. When he learned the two that were in charge of eliminating Gusty before she could make the prophecy come true failed and never told him, he downright murdered them. And he didn't just murder them. He had them turned mentally retarded which made it enjoyable to him when he made them die like idiots. He is NOT someone to be trifled with.
  • Rainbow Dash: Well it's amazing he still has minions at this point. We'll still beat him anyway. It's Basic Story 101: The good guys always win, the bad guys always lose.
  • Bray: Everyone, this is serious! Stop acting like villains are all the same because of what you see in stories, because they're not. You must understand that just because every enemy you faced was pitiful, doesn't mean that you should take their threats with a grain of salt. Overcompidence is a breeding ground for failure. Admit it, every enemy you faced had to have done something to nearly destroy you, even if not nessersarly physically. Discord almost destroyed your hopes by simply dwindling and lessening the power of your friendship. If Celestia had not stepped in and helped, all would've been lost. Nightmare Moon almost had you feel beaten by seemingly destroying the Elements. Sombra made Twilight so scared of using black magic again, that she needed Equinox training, and Pitch Black did it on a far greater scale before that... AND HE WAS HIS MENTOR FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! Starlight the Chrono-Terrorist-
  • Starlight: "(Sarcasticly) THANKS FOR BRINGING THAT BACK?!"
  • Bray: -Had you in a hopeless situation where you couldn't outsmart or overpower her. Storm King unintentionally drove you into an existential dilemma with your own friends and you almost drove yourself into solitude. Majusty had you question your own morals and methods of dealing with foes. Chrysalis almost turned you against your friends more than once. Clare terrorized your reality. Mayhem destroyed your minds with harsh truths and realities. Tirek had the power to annihilate your library. Eagle-Beak caused you to make a mistake that you still tend to cry of when being reminded of it. Every single one of them had a greater leeway than you, and had it not been for luck, you would've lost. Grogar, can do all those things and more with that bell of his. You'd better listen and take this seriously because that's what Grogar expects out of his opponents. He takes any and every opportunity possible to ensure he wins- (Interupted by snoring)....
  • Rainbow Dash: (She was asleep, then bray stomped his hoof, causing Rainbow to ster and woke abruptly snorting) What was that? I was bored to sleep by the cliché speech of how this'll be no different.
  • Bray: (Shrugs)........ You know what? I see no point in this. You're all on your own!
  • Twilight: Rainbow!!
  • Rainbow Dash: What? He was droning on!
  • Twilight: Bray! (He stopped) Dash does not change the fact that you're right. If there's anything Tempest and Storm King taught me, it's that the world doesn't revolve around the concept of good and evil and life will never be fair or play in your favor. You have to work around it. And that's what we want to do. We just need to know how to stop Grogar. We could really use your help.
  • Bray: ".... (Sighs)..... I still think it's pointless, given that some of you HARDLY sitll take this seriously, but.... I may as well give it the old collage try. For Zokapi's sake."
  • Twilight: "Tahnk you Bray."
  • Bray: "But I must ask that those with doubts at least humor me in this. You can still believe that the "Hype" about Groger is exaggerated and he really is just another would-be-congured threat all you want, but at least take what I said about him with great heed. I can only be so helpful if the people I help take my advice as seriously as the words of an unamuser."
  • Rarity: "Well excuse us if Groger isn't exactly the first ever threat to Equestria. They're so commen and all over the place they feel more like a nuasence then a true threat."
  • Bray: "(Sighs)..... The sooner the reality and sevreity of the situation finally sets into you all, the better I can be a real help. For now, I may as well make the most of it."

Legend Of Gusty the Great


  • Celestia: Well, Gusty the Great was one of my best protectors before you. She and her unicorn warriors fought for me for a long time. The storybooks about her are toned down for all ages.
  • Starswirl: Precisely. Grogar is no mere child's monster. He is a very sadistic tyrant. Gusty was lucky enough to defeat him after he used his powers to destroy her bravery... Or at least part of it. His overconfidence and his position resulted in his downfall. He never even listened to his uncle who could've got him out of that predicament, but he paid the price for failure to listen.
  • Luna: And with Baphomet gone, Grogar is sure to finish what he started, and this time, with no fooling around.
  • Starswirl: I have not been around to know this Grogar, but his power is far too familiar.
  • Spike: Was it because of your friendship with Tirek's brother?
  • Starswirl: Scorpan was indeed around to teach me about how to battle Darkspawn, but outside of Tirek, I have had at least had one encounter with a Darkspawn. And it was indeed in Tambelon. You see, in my humble beginnings of the days before I met Scorpan, there was a different domination clan that was far worse than the Storm Clan today. Only they turned to both Darkspawn and later black magic during the Fear War. They called themselves the Clandestine. They were... Sadistic harbingers of the Darkspawn that felt suffering and darkness at it's purest was needed upon this world and was headquartered in what is now Tambelon. But after events I'd rather not be reminded of again... The Clandestine was seemingly shut down until they turned to black magic to keep strong during the Fear War. They died out on the exact same day we imprisoned the Pony of Shadows. But I can see where much of the Storm Clan's similar power to the Clandestine came from. Their methods were... Unmentionable and insane. But... I have read all the versions of the story behind 'Gusty the Great' and learned that... Tambelonians tend to think at an unknown level. Grogar could've wanted a bigger goal. One that could bring the fate of Equestria hanging in the balance. This 'Map of Infinity'? This relic was made to nullify prophecies, and he could've wanted a far darker scheme than what little was specified.
  • Luna:... You may be right. Darkspawn are not a topic for kids to read, and Grogar never specified much.
  • Twilight: Then we must see Gusty's adventure for ourselves.
  • Starswirl: You have a way to do that? Time travel perhaps?
  • Twilight: Better. (She takes out Zecora's vision potion from Princess Twilight)
  • Starswirl:... I am familiar with that potion. It seems nearly past expiration, however.
  • Twilight: (Sighs) I know. I have been through a lot and the ingredients don't come cheap, AGAIN, the economy has vexed me!
  • Rarity: Get over it, darling, sometimes money can be a pain in our flanks as well. It is what it is.
  • Spike: "Ya sure you should even be drinking that? What if it ends up like that really obscure game Bad Milk?"
  • Pinkie: "Huh?"
  • Spike: "... There's a Brutalmoose review of it, look it up."
  • Twilight: Well, I don't know how we'll be able to find the ingredients, but finding them outside markets is not going to be easy.
  • Rainbow Dash: Suuuure, it's never easy.
  • Flash Magnus: Won't be much of an adventure if it was quick and easy, Dash.
  • Rainbow Dash:... Eh, fair point.
  • Fluttershy: We can always visit Zecora. She's the one who gave you that potion.
  • Meadowbrook: Miss Zecora would be a good logical start, but she doesn't have as much experience with potions as me. You should know that since I cured your ocean fever you got during one of your sea visits.
  • Fluttershy: Well, if she's not as good as you say, then how did she get the potion?
  • Meadowbrook: My guess is as good as yours because that potion is Alicorn-activated, so it could be of Alicorn origin. And there's not many Alicorns left to get answers. She must have obtained it from Gaia.
  • Mistmane: Well, Bray's home village is a neighboring area in the Everfree. They could be of assistance, but Grogar could already be after him and we could be too late to reach them.
  • Starswirl: Either way, it's the best chance we've got. We cannot allow him to bring Darkspawn power here.
  • Pinkie: "You mean even MORE Darkspawn power since Tirek, Sopony, tecnecally Sombor, and the Original Death Alicorn God were clearly-"
  • Starswirl: "Yes, more then THOSE instences I mean!"
  • Somnambula: Then we must hurry.
  • Sunburst: One of us will need to contact the Lodgers.
  • Twilight: "Leave that to me. Just hope I don't end up calling while they're in the middle of something else at the moment. They tend to be very proactice of dealing with a varity of other problems."

(Gusty's Adventure Coming soon...)

Deadpool Arrives

  • The Heroes are surrounded by the ambush party of rams!
  • Ram General: "(Laughs), you phathic misifts and ponies thought you can just come 'ere and threaten the great Grogar's plans! Well, I'm 'ere to tells ya, it ain't gonna- (Music played)..... Huh?"
  • Lougers: ".... Oh no. Not him!"
"Weird Al" Yankovic Bad Hair Day - The Alternative Polka

"Weird Al" Yankovic Bad Hair Day - The Alternative Polka

  • Deadpool was seen skiing down the sloop with his katana blades as the song played
  • Ram General: "WHAT IN THE NAME OF-"
  • Icky: "Welp, it was nice knowing ya, un-named demonic Ram general."
  • Ram General: "What're you- (Gets stabbed in the throat by Deadpool as the singing start as the ambushers stared in shock!
  • Ram Soldier: "HE KILLED THE GENERAL?!"
  • Ram Soldier 2: "THAT, MONSTER?!'
NC Pot Calling the Kettle Black

NC Pot Calling the Kettle Black

  • Deadpool: "(Starts slaughtering the ram demons as dark green blood flies everywhere!)"
  • The Ponies but an exicted Pinkie Pie (Because of her friendship with Deadpool that she's grown used to it) stared in shock, as the Lougers just stood their with blankent expressions, minding their own business and just waiting for Deadpool to be done.
  • Icky: "(Unamused) Those who are NOT the main seven, say hello, to Deadpool. The Universes' resident Anti Hero who plays by his own worlds. (A decapitated Ram head flew across the heroes location and landed behind them)..... Le-case in point."
  • Starswirl: "..... HE'S TEARING THE RAMS TO SHREADS!?"
  • Meadowbrook: "He's going through those Rams like a hot-knife through butter!!"
  • A ram leg landed in front of Somnamula, who whinced!
  • Somnamula: ".... Green, demonic ram butter."
  • Bray: "...... He's, perfect........"
  • Deadpool pretty much defeated all the rams except for the runs that are cowerdly running away in fear!
  • Deadpool: "...... Wammo! My mission to stop Lady Death's feared propichy, act 1, completed."
  • Lord Shen: "..... Well, at least it answers why you're here- Wait, propichey?"
  • Deadpool: "Oh, Lady Death said that Grogar is gonna end up become super power and screw you guys over because none of ya can withstand that fancy dingaling of his because your all capable of fear. So, she asked me to come here because I am likely so fearless that stupid bell won't even work on me!"
  • Bray: "....... Your perfect! He, or at least, something like him, will be the one thing Grogar will fear! Something he can't make afraid!"
  • Icky: "So, your saying that Grogar's so used to controling people that he's afraid of NOT controling something?"
  • Bray: "Well, yes and no. He usually destroys what he can't control. It would inspire fear in SOME way. What I mean is that the bell will turn on Grogar, because that bell has a price. The bell would only serve you if you are fearless in return."
  • Icky: "Ya mean this thing's design flaw is that it'll fuck up Grogar if he even so much as gets alittle afraid himself?"
  • Bray: "That's the gist of it. Power like the bell is never free."
  • Bray: "Hey now, give Grogar credit, he mentally trained himself to no show fear. Alchourse, it helped that pretty much everyone was automaticly afraid of him cause of his basic powers alone, so......"
  • Bray: "I didn't say he didn't had weaknesses..... He just did a VERY good job at covering them."
  • Icky: "...... Whatever. Well since Deadpool's sent here because Lady Death asked him, Deadpool, your our secret weapon."
  • Deadpool: "Well I was made for weapon X after all! Guess I lived up to that plan after all!"
  • Starswirl: "(Sighs).... This sounds like that some of us don't have a real choice in the matter....... Very well, may as well..... Just be sure he doesn't become a hinderence...."
  • The Group walked off.

Grogar's location.

  • Grogar stared legitamently shocked of what happened, and for the first time, felt legit fear, but he stopped himself when his bell was having a reaction.
  • The Head Ram General entered.
  • Head Ram General: "Sir, I'm afraid General Crumblehorn's Ambush was a dishastor. The survivers reported that the ambush was interupted by, a bipedal creature, that fearlessly slaughtered the men like they were nothing! Crumble didn't even had a chance to react! The Survivers are beyond trumatised! Grogar, I'm afraid the misfits and the ponies are not playing around anymore! They brought forth a serious desistator?! We need to forsake this sueiside run and swore off going after Equestria for good!"
  • Grogar: "..... Who, suggested this?"
  • Head Ram General: "...... The survivers. You have to understand! They will warn the other soldiers about this! The men will become anxious about this and become less determined! We may have to accept that it's fruitless to try and do any harm to Equestria! I mean, look where that brought to your uncle- (Grogar stared angerly) BAAAAAAA?!"
  • Grogar: "....... I want to speak with these, "survivers", myself."
  • Head Ram General: ".... Alchourse, but, don't do anything rash, the poor rams been through enough. They saw thier mates being torn to pieces by, that red demon!? And they defelupted a fear of Weird Al music from the exspearienced! Just, hear me ou-"
  • Grogar: "I WANT, TO SEE, THESE SURVIVERS?! NOW!!" (He left and came back with them)... You better not mean what you told him, fools!
  • Survivor #1: Sir, we're falling in numbers! We can't endanger more! Those heroes are just too good for us, we must forsa- (Grogar bound them in magic chains and tormented them)
  • Grogar:... You, are all, fools! I am doing this to avenge my uncle.
  • Surviver 2: "But don't you hate his guts?"
  • Grogar: FOR THE PRINCIPAL OF THE MATTER?! (Hurts the survivers greatly)! As much as I am not fond of his quickness to desert me in my hour of need, and even if I am doing the same, logical issues with time lords aside, it's my duty to ensure the true goal of our family is not remembered as pushovers. It is not mainly my uncle himself, it is what the family ideals he failed to secure in his growing arrigance! I MUST finish what I started. It is not the Darkspawn way to give up so easily.
  • Surviver 3: "But we're not even darkspawn- (Chains hurt him) OHHHHHHH GOD?!"
  • Grogar: SPARE ME THE TECNECALITIES?! My entire life is meant to uphold our dark gods. You disappoint me for suggesting we give up because of some random beastly being. There are other ways around a fearless moron, and you know it. It is my solemn duty to tell you that you are no longer fit to serve me.
  • Surviver 4: "Does this mean we get to go home?"
  • Grogar stared annoyed.....
  • Surviver 5: "...... DID YOU REALLY HAD TO SAY THA-"

Outside the tent.

  • The Head Ram General stared in shock as flames bursted from the tents as the Ram Soldiers stared in shock, along with a caged Samazeen......
  • Head Ram General: "..... (Sighs)..... Let this be a painful reminder that our lord doesn't handle failure well. Dismissed. (The Ram Soldiers walked off)."
  • Samazeen: "....... General, why must you continue this even when you know what Grogar did to those men?"
  • Head Ram General: "Your one to talk. Your lucky that Grogar has enough value for family that the worse he did to you was disable your powers and locked you up in that cage. Surely you seen what he did to those poor sots. You can only guess what he would did to even his prime general for any willful defience, for only as long as he maintains even mimumal power over us..... I have no choice either way. (Walks off)....."

Birth Of Mortu-Grogar

Final Fight

Infinity Temple

  • This played.
Devil May Cry - Mundus battle theme

Devil May Cry - Mundus battle theme

  • Mortu-Grogar: (Stormed into the Temple violently with his power as he approached the final piece)...... At last. The prophecy, is nullified! UNLESS OF COURSE I FORGOT YOU MISFITS!!!
  • Pinkie: DAAH, HE'S ONTO US!!!
  • Mortu-Grogar: (He destroyed their cover) You idiots need to get yourselves together. As soon as the Infinity Map is under my control, I will nullify my defeat, and fulfill my life's true goal: DESTROY THE WORLD!!
  • Icky: Ugh, I get he's infused with Mortuus, but that's such an OVERUSED trope plan for villains.
  • Mortu-Grogar: Oh please, you think I care if doing so is the most original thing in the universes or not? I have a grander meaning for it beyond something as petty as just doing it because "Lols I'm evil!"! I actually have a point to it! I am giving the world an opportunity to start anew! So at least fine solace that what I'm doing isn't anything ENTIRELY personal to the old world. The current world just outlasted it's welcome, tis all. It's time for a change!
  • Gusty: We won't stand by and let you subjugate Equestria into a vicious cycle of a current world being destroyed for a new one to only rinse and repeat! You can argue that you have a point to all of this all you want, you're still no less of a threat to our way of life then a villain just doing it just because!
  • Mortu-Grogar:... Inconvinent, but not disappointing. Because at least it means, I can enjoy killing you! (He attacks and fought the heroes in a similar fashion to this as he surpassed, resisted, and mimicked their attacks)
Star Vs Meteora Star Vs The Forces of Evil

Star Vs Meteora Star Vs The Forces of Evil

  • Mortu-Grogar: (The heroes were shielding themselves at his mercy) End of the line, misfits! You could barely defeat my godfather, Gusty could hardly defeat me without her precious princess surrogate mother, and you friendship-worshipping brats could barely beat your foes without pure luck. Now luck will no longer be on your side.... In fact, where's your red ninja friend? I wonder if he's trying to get the JUMP ON ME?! (He blasts Deadpool out of hiding)
  • Mortu-Grogar: You may not be easily scared or beatable, but you're still easy to temporarily eliminate. (He charged him into the sky)... 5, 4, 3, 2- (He bucked Deadpool when he teleported behind him)
  • Deadpool: OHHO, MY KIDNEY!!
  • Mortu-Grogar: (Notices the Lodgers trying to get the map piece and quakes the ground knocking them away and covers the piece's container with debris)... Nice try!
  • Jumbaa: SCATTER!!! (They continued fighting him as he dealt with many of them one-by-one)
  • Mortu-Grogar: You just don't know when to quit, huh? This just gets better and better. (He managed to finish them off before finding the map piece missing)... WHAT?!?
  • Deadpool: Did you think we just brought Gusty from whatever kind of magical life-sustaining stasis? (Gusty's warrior friends were seen with the map piece)
  • Mortu-Grogar: NOO!! (He fought to get the piece as they played keep-away from him)
  • Twilight:... This... This guy really packs a punch!
  • Lord Shen: We just need to stall him and keep the map piece away from him long enough for the Pillars to ring the bell.
  • Mortu-Grogar: "OH IS THAT CORRECT?!"
  • Mortu-Grogar: "(Uses his vision to see the pillars approuching the tower).... Ya know what? Keep that worthless piece of paper! In fact, (Tosses away the entire infinity map) TAKE IT ALL!! I don't think I need it anymore now that I realize that chasing the stupid piece of paper was a waste of time, now that I used Alicorn intuition to figure everything out! I should've just fused with Mortuus earlier than that!! Thank you for enlightening me on how pointless my earlier quest was! (Teleports off)"
  • Deadpool: ".... (Gets serious) No one cheats likes that and not expect to get away with it! (Teleports as well)....."
  • Twilight: "..... DID YOU HAVE TO OPEN YOUR BIG BEAK, SHEN?!"
  • Icky: "Welp, it's offictal! I kinda want the producers to go back to making villains dumbasses! BECAUSE AT LEAST THEY FIGHT RELITIVELY FAIR!!" (Deadpool teleported back in literal pieces)
  • Deadpool:... I can't feel my anything.
  • (Scroopfan): "Uhhhh, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, about that..... There's going to be a re-write."
  • Icky: "...... And, WHY, is that appearent?"
  • (Scroopfan): "..... Well, Season 9 is making Grogar canon, and, that may mean that some things, have to be changed around."
  • Deadpool: "Oh, you mean like in TVTropes where the phrase means that canon has over-writen a fanon?"
  • Icky: Shut it. Besides, if there's supposed to be a rewrite, WHY DIDN'T WE KNOW ABOUT IT?!
  • (Scroopfan): "Well, we wanted to wait to know if this was true first. Now it is, and, there may be re-writes. So, some scenes may exspearience radical changes."
  • Icky: Then won't this entire conversation be written ou-


  • The Pillers made it to the top and saw the bell.
  • Starswirl: "Oh thank goodness. We made it to the bell."
  • ???: "Took you long enough! (Ensnares the Pillers with the Bramble as Mortu-Grogar appeared, becoming so confident in himself that his guard was dramticly let down)"
  • Starswirl: "Impossable!? The others couldn't've failed that quickly?! How did you managed to complete the infinity map?!"
  • Mortu-Grogar: "Actselly, it turned out, going after that piece of paper was a waste of time! As was battling those silly misfits would've only served to allow you bunch to get to the bell?! In fact, they were TERRORABLE at keeping quiet about it?!"
  • Mortu-Grogar: "Oh, I'm sorry! Were all of you too used to villains that were too caught up in their hubris to pay attention to every single detail?! (Deadpool was being seriously quiet, and snuck near Mortu-Grogar as his guard was so let down he didn't even realised), Have you seriously forgotten what a REAL challnage was like?! And I mistaken you Pillers to be the more serious threats to me?! I even thought that stupid red ninja was an actual threat since he had no fear?! (Deadpool got offended by that) But in the end, I, have won out! I, am victorious! I, am- (Deadpool quickly sliced off Mortu-Grogar's horns, as he was surprised greatly for once as he screamed in pain!)"
  • The Sliced off horns fell down the long tower, never to be seen again!
  • Apawn the horns disintagrattion, Mortu-Grogar began to become weaker, he turned back to normal Grogar as the spirit of Mortuu was freed as it was escaping quickly!
  • Grogar began to become very skelital and frail, losing his powers for good!
  • Grogar looked in shock to see Deadpool as the one who ruined him.....
  • Deadpool: "....... Buddy..... Did you REALLY think, the Lougers and the Main 7 would be THAT F*****G incompident? We set you up?!"
  • Grogar: "..... WHAT?!"
  • Deadpool: "We intentionally made an accsident so you would ditch the infinity map so you would end up getting so super-confident, that you'll make the ever rare mistake, of actselly letting your guard down! We defeated you, by actselly letting you think you were about to win?! Cause it's like your now non-existent uncle had said..... YOU, ARE AN ARRGANT, (Grabs Grogar's now frail legs and lefted him by the legs and started to spin him), PIECE OF S***?!"
  • Deadpool: "...... That's for s***-talking me, ya asshole billy goat!!"
  • Starswirl: "..... I..... I don't believe it. You managed to defeat Grogar, AND used his weaken state to activate the bell! You, may be rather crass and crude, but, you are effective, at the least."
  • Deadpool: "Aww shucks, it was nothing. (He freed them) Using the asshole to hit the bell was on me. He earned it for being a dipshit to talk shit about me."
  • Rockhoof: "It's truely like what his uncle had said. Grogar does have a problem with arrogance."
  • Starswirl: "And the Lougers did well using that against him. And.... They were right about your ability to be a threat to him."
  • Deadpool: "Aw, easy with the phrase. You're making me blush."
  • WB Deadpool: "And trust me, ya don't wanna draw a picture of this guy blushing unmasked."
  • YB Deadpool: "Not even Anime Blushing could make THAT cute!"
  • Deadpool: "Aw, you two wisenhimers!"


Grogar's Theme Song

Grogar's Theme Song

Intro/Grogar Theme

Coming soon...

Chapter 1: Grogar and the Villain League/Twilight's Rule

Chapter 2: Grogar Strikes Back

Chapter 3: Back to Tartarus/Hidden Tambelon Secrets

Chapter 4: Deadpooled/The Land of Grogar's Ruined

Chapter 5: Mortu-Grogar

Chapter 6: The Final Battle



(Epic Battle Music) - Fury Of The Dragon Breath -

(Epic Battle Music) - Fury Of The Dragon Breath -

Battle Theme

Most Wondrous Battle Music Ever Master Of Shadows

Most Wondrous Battle Music Ever Master Of Shadows

Grogar's Final Battle-Ascension Theme

Bones and Skin

Bones and Skin

Mortu-Grogar's Song

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