Gronsla W. Gronculum is an Alternate UUniversal Rugholun Ohrugan from the moon Knix II. He is a former member of The Renegades of Gronan and the son of it's old leader Lord Gronculum. He was destined to become the new leader in the case Gronculum would die, and he would fight no matter what happened. However, when the Renegades were destroyed by the Villains Act, they abducted Gronsla and forcefully molded him into one of their most ruthless warriors of all time. He was brainwashed, surgically-modified with plastic surgery and cybernetic enhancements, and memory-wiped of his past and was capable of doing anything perfectly, being able to use any kind of weapon imaginable, and he has proved to be useful. But when the Villains Act fell, he was taken to Oranos and is currently being rehabilitated.


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