Sodoka. What was once the proud planet of the Sodo Birds. At the time, The Sodos ranged from vegitarian to carnavore, or both in some way, by branching breeds. Sodoka was known for it's hugest support for the belief of De-Extinction, a belief and ideal that extinction shouldn't be absolute. The Sodos were ballsy to bring back an extinct creature that was once their ansisteries deadliest super-predator, the Slaughter-Bird, a creature known for having an uncontrolable reproduction rate that's basicly the exsample of evolution being too good at it's job to the point of failure as these were powerful Apex Predators with insatable hunger. Not surprisingly, a breeding couple escaped and made too many Slaughter-Birds for it to be handleable. Thus, the Slaughter-Birds destroyed Sodo civilisation and left the Sodo race to be critically endangered and scattered across the AUU, away from the planet now belonging to the thriving Slaughter-Birds. The surviving members still have high-hopes for De-extinction as they know it can help their race out of this.... Well, all except one who went on to become a harsh critic to it and founded an unpopular group around it, who refuses to explain the true reason why he hates it and hides behind trival reasons. And that bird, was the Eco-Realist. Even without his group who has long since deserted him for his extremes, Vector is still a consisent naturely correct pest and has for awhile still soughted to become an issue to many De-Extinctions attempts, even if it was for a very decent greater good. So after Eco-Realist was finally caught once again, he was made to admit the full story behind the infamous Sodoka tragity around the Slaughter Birds. The HA, with mixed feelings of newfound sympathy and still present dissatisfaction, deside to see if they can revert Eco-Realist away from his ill-convinced beliefs and resolve the Slaughter Bird over-population for good. And the perfect creatures for that are the Grook-Grook Birds, the only sensiable creature worthy to stand a chance against the beastly birds. With the aide of old friends from the Planet Grooka, Grook-Grook birds are taken to Sodoka to introduse the Slaughter Birds a serious enough rival worthy enough to take their numbers down enough for a healthy sustainable population. Unfortunately, this came at a time when it was discovered that Glowrod and friends secretly set up shop there to turn the Slaughter Birds into a mind-controled obedient army. Now it becomes a Louger Issue, espeically this could risk any hope of fixing even HALF of what's wrong with Vector. Can the Heroes succeed and at the least fix 50% of the ever bitter Vector?

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