Grotch Prometheus

Grotch Flannigan Prometheus

Grotch Flannigan Prometheus
is a superior Japanese Macaque who lived on Planet Kratos born in 149 BC and died in 956 AD at age 1105. His discovery of quantonium (Monsters vs. Aliens) had given him the ability to grant everyone on his home planet superpowers. The quantonium first gave him the same powers as Ginormica (Enormous strength and size), then with further research, his next batch of quantonium gave him telekinesis, super intelligence, power bestowal, power negation, power augmentation, reactive adaptation, teleportation, and super-longevity.
  • MCode: PaPbPnRaSiSlSsTkTpo


Grotch was born on Planet Kratos during the First Cartoonian War. During the time, superiors had no superpowers, and life was really dull. And to add a weirder twist to the story, Grotch's father, Lorenzo, had to help his friend's wife become pregnant after he reveals that he has erotophobia (Don't ask). So Lorenzo had to tell his wife for permission to prevent divorce, and get on with it. And in the end, Grotch's half-brother, Grinchgrog, was born. Grotch's parents had to wait until Grotch was 14 to tell him about his half brother so that he would understand. Grinchgrog's mother and half-father had to tell Grinchgrog the same thing when he became 14.

At age 19, Grotch became leader of his clan after his father and mother died in a Darkspawn invasion, which also killed Grinchgrog's half-father, so Grinchgrog had to rule the clan with him as well. But then one day, Darkspawners invaded the clan and started roping up Grotch's clan one by one for enslavement. Grotch and Grinchgrog had managed to escape the invasion until suddenly, a glowing blue-green meteorite crashes not too far from their position. The two took a closer look, and manage to find this bluish-green goop inside the meteorite. This goop, which was in fact quantonium (Monsters vs. Aliens), made Grotch and Grinchgrog grow bigger and stronger like Ginormica. And so, using this power to their advantage, the two save their clan by beating up the Darkspawn until they retreated. Once the invasion was over, Grotch and Grinchgrog introduced the quantonium to their clan, and sure enough, the clan became just like them.

It didn't take too long until everyone in Kratos have been infused with quantonium. The quantonium was made famous, and was put into scientific research. Then, at age 29, Grotch and Grinchgrog discovered that quantonium had more powerful energy capacity in it which, if chemically improved, could give superiors new powers. They used this knowledge to make superiors superpowerful. They even used it on themselves, and soon enough, Grotch gained telekinesis, super intelligence, power bestowal, power negation, power augmentation, reactive adaptation, teleportation, and super longitivity, whereas Grinchgrog gained super-strength, telekinesis, super intelligence, X-ray vision, teleportation, power-augmentation, power-negation, and super-longitivity (However, this power wasn't pure like Grotch's). Together, they ruled Kratos, and brought peace to their homeworld. And as the years passed, and superiors becoming more powerful, they even became more advanced with their technology.

At age 35, Grotch still remained powerful and benevolent, but Grinchgrog, due to his unpure longitivity, got old and eventually became handicapped, although he still remained superpowerful. Grinchgrog became convinced that superiors were becoming way too powerful for him to even handle. However, Grotch was unaffected because he had a pure super-longitivity, and was able to run his kingdom with honor and patience. But Grinchgrog thought he was growing too old to be running a kingdom side by side his half-brother, and decided to someday retire. But when he realized why he was feeling the way he was, he decided that he should give himself more superpowers, and if he's lucky, maybe purify his longitivity. But Grotch told him he liked his half-brother just the way he was, but Grinchgrog still felt pity, and began to think that he should give himself more powers so he could feel young again. However, as the months passed, Grinchgrog's thirst for power made him greedy and evil. He decided that he should get his new powers by stealing Grotch's powers, and claiming himself the new benevolence of Kratos, and lead the superiors to the path of war, and that all superiors will go to the dark side.

But little did Grinchgrog know that Grotch had become aware of his plan, and tried to reason with him. Unfortunately, he failed, and Grinchgrog got what he wanted: more power. He stole Grotch's superpowers, which purified his longitivity, overthrew him, and claimed his wealth and power. Grotch was powerless to stop him, and was imprisoned in his own dungeon. 3 days later, Grinchgrog was leading the superiors to the evil path. He even got his own theme song ("You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinchgrog") to go with it. But some superiors remained loyal to Grotch, and led a 50-superior resistance called The Grinchgrog Resistance to overthrow Grinchgrog, retrieve Grotch's superpowers, return them, and stop Grinchgrog for good. It wasn't easy, and 40 members died, but they won the battle, and Grotch defeated Grinchgrog, exiling him from Prometheon. Then the remaining members of The Grinchgrog Resistance became known as The Amazing Ten.

With his half-brother out of the picture, Grotch fell into sadness because he banished his own half-brother. But over time, he got use to it, and continued ruling Kratos. As for The Amazing Ten, one of their members, Victor Von Gloom, was corrupted by Grinchgrog, and they both defeated The other Amazing Ten members, and disable their powers, wipe out their memories, and exile them to The Dragon Realms. With them gone, Grotch grew even more ashamed at Grinchgrog now that he had a traitorous assistant with him in Superior Jail. But after a few years, Grinchgrog and Von Gloom escaped prison, and disappeared without a trace. Grotch had no idea what happened to them, and he never had for a few hundred years until he eventually died at age 1105.


Being the first superior on Kratos, Grotch has enormous strength and size. He is capable of lifting 300 times his own weight, and being a macaque, can climb on huge surfaces quickly. And being a Japanese Macaque, he can survive hot temperatures. And with a little more quantonium research, he recieved the ability to control other superiors' powers. He can nullify, amplify, take, return, and bestow superpowers to other superiors at any time. Grotch can also survive any type of disasterous environment with the ability of reactive adaptation. He can heal broken bones, torn muscles, breath underwater, survive the vacumn of space, and go up to 3 weeks without food or water.

Grotch also has the ability of teleportation and telekinesis. He was also able to live for 1105 years with his incredibly long lifespan. His handheld weapon of choice is an electrical spear that generates up to 2,000 volts through whatever it stabs or touches.

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