Gryson P. Maan is an Alternate UUniversal Xulture from Planet Iircen. He is an elderly bird which was the president and CEO of a defunct Globex branch called Globex Warnomics, headquartered on Iircen, which helped use the planet's high source of a potent energy source called Iircenium to produce weaponry and military equipment and was funded through the AUU Interuniversal War. This company was successful for the entire war until the end, when as the result of the surplus caused by too much budget and excessive weapon supplies, as well as the competition of Globex' Weapons Division and the newly-formed Human Protection Agency at the time, had to be shut down. Desperate for a new form of profits, as well as a personal fear of being declaired "useless", Gryson refused to allow the shutdown, but this ended up with him getting shot in the wings and put under probation for defying the orders of the Legion cause he ended up saying no of a legion general with an infamous tendingcy to not exactly taking refusal kindly. Left flightless as a result of the injury, and with a great profitability lost, Gryson swore revenge, and disappeared without a trace. He was never found, and is actually residing in a hidden location on Iircen waiting to make his move, supporting himself with life-support cybernetics and life-extension serums. He also has an android named Scibton Shale as his personal mercenary. He founded Maan Incorporated as a result, the second worse rouge corruption overshadowed by the VA's own Corruption Co.  Though he seems to face an obstacle in the form of the legendary Team Positron. After discovering them to be real, and fearing that they will interfere in his plans, he feels he needs to remove them from the equation first. He has yet to make his move. He is angry at the legion for hurting him and taking away his flight, even though it was more the fault of an asshole general with no appresiation for defience, give or take Gryson being stubbern, then the legion's actual fault, proven by the fact the jerk general was punished for "Un-nessersary brutality" and was also fired when his disappearence meant that Gryson has assumingly gone villain for being a horrendus representation of the Legion's name, though sadly, cause of Gryson's funding obcessed nature and a deluded desire to never end up "useless", this news would do little to nothing to deter Gryson from his path.


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