General Swimmings

General Steven Allen Swimmings

Guardian General Steven A. Swimmings is a Lagoon triggerfish from SpongeBob's world. He is a very by-the-books soldier yet ironicly unruly for the security borders of Commodore Nemo's guard against the forbidden zone of Point Nemo (The real-life oceanic point of inaccessibility on Earth and the rumored location of Cthulhu), meant to protect against the dangers of Drainthus, the outerdimensional rebelling creator of the Main Drain, meant to serve as a trial for the inhabitants to defend their home by order of the UUniverses' unknown creator. Problem is, his obcession in having everything orderly and by the books often ends up not only be frustraighting to Nemo, espeically when dealing with outsiders, but his obcession makes his mind weak to malmitulation, espeically when Drainthus is concerned. This may end up make Swimmings truely more problematic then already. Being a territorially-fierce fish species, Swimmings is capable of harming even humans with a simple bite, and his skill with military equipment is top-notch, as he can bring down bigger creatures as much as he can humans.


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Coming soon...

Drainthus' Enfluence form.

Under Drainthus' corrupting enfluence, he turns mutanted and lovecraftian as his hand-fins turn into guns as his soul is trapped to be linked with Drainthus.

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