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The Guardians of Harmony are a group of Equestrian heroes who keep and maintain harmony in their world, doing so for over 80 years headquartered in the faraway land of Questra, which is a paradise of boundless mythological creatures of all kinds, sea, air, and water. Questra is a magical boundless land of magical enchantment and the homeland of all mythical creatures in Equestria, and was threatened countless times by threats of all kinds, yet restored and made the best out of any change. Literally on the other side of the world from Equestria, this land houses the Guardians of Harmony, which had defended the land for centuries until mid 2016, when they ended up in hiding for an inexplicable reason. They have yet to return to what they do best.


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Council Elders

  • Mira Tone- An Equuleus (pony which is a constellation-based creature like Ursa Minor), and a strong personification of magic.
  • Cirrus Skyranger- An aged hippogriff and the father of Stratus. He is is typically a noble leader, but is held back by too much pride and desires for his son to be the greatest hero ever that he limits the Guardians Missions and avaluablity to either always have Stratus on board, or it's a no-go. Hence why the Guardians were not exactly around to stop pretty much a good number of Equestia's threats because Stratus was cowinidently absint on an unrelated mission or another reason, and though he doesn't mean to, he ended up being a hinderence to the Guardians' abilities to really protect the world from threats it is mostly protecting itself thanks to it.
  • Carnelia Cusp- An axex who is a noble, nonsense-intolerant, rude, and rather enforcing leader.
  • Propheta- A white horse (legendary) whose power is divine enough to match the Alicorn Gods, and her prophetic abilities are legendary.
  • Galaxyës- A bicorn (Two-horned unicorn) from Biquestria whose power is beyond those of his own kind.
  • Halo Epiphany- A unicorn and the only Equestrian member of the GOH, who has a fancy mark after saving not just her home, but herself, by her sacrifice.
  • Virgo Jasper- An aries who is a very bold magician and leader.
  • Imum Coeli- An Almiraj (Unicorn-horned rabbit) whose magic skill makes him an easy match for any foe as well as a good leader.
  • Ephemeris- A Cyclops that is a master of knowledge and provides such in terms of magic, strength, power, and so on from all corners of the world.
  • Master Triskelion- A Triclops and a friend of Ephemeris who is just as smart as him and a considerable partner.
  • Quincunx- A Behemoth that has magically-enhanced defenses that make him literally unstoppable.
  • Propertius- An arion and a legendary hero of his homeland who could speed through the battlefield with ease, but now is retired and runs the GOH.
  • Syntax- A Monoceros whose power in magic is just as strong as any unicorn, even if he isn't technically a unicorn.
  • Illustris- A Qilin from a distant land of Xiaomia, who is a powerful guardian of unfathomable magic and a noble leader.
  • Hoag Saga- A Sleipnir (eight-legged horse) whose power and strength, as well as wisdom, is legendary in his home of Asgardia.
  • Historia- A History Sprite who is essentially like a female Epic Nim Galuu, recording anything that occurs in the present.


  • Superviser Uptightus Entitlus- A bird Wyvern in simularity to This, that is an abnormally strict and perfectionist embessy leader for the the Guardians of Harmony. She has been strongly against the Guardians of Harmony sponsering the School of Friendship for the petty fact that tecnecally the school is considerably unaccredited by the E.E.A., even with having understood it's trouble with fear wars mindsets. Entitlus is VERY by the book and unapologenicly strict, and was far from impressed when the Guardians' first meeting with the Main 7 and others ended rather abyismally, which was to her shock that the guardians earnestly wanted to sponser the Friendship School, and is now very much against Stratus for "Abusing" his privilages and betrayed the Guardians' interests in favor of a flight of fancy, even reguardless that it ended up paying off.


  • Stratus Skyranger- The current hippogriff leader of the GOH.
  • Chummer- An anthropomorphic cat from the MLP movie comics from Panthera and former friend of Capper who was brought into the Guardians as a rookie spy and trickster for their good.
  • Strife- An Enenra (Living ponyfied cloud) and former second-in-command of Storm King from the MLP movie comics who left him and is now under the loyalties of the Guardians.
  • Angelic Wildlife- A Harpy/Legend Bird of Paradise Hybrid capable to sooth in the most intense of creatures. She earned her place for soothing a rogue Cloud Whale from destroying an entire contintent over it's baby.
  • Bopsy- An agile and resilient Selkie who is very tough and met many underwater civilizations and protected them.
  • Flo- A Sak (Flower-tailed griffin) and a passionate social fighter.
  • Canis Major- A winged wolf who had adopted an orphaned Canis Minor (dog version of Ursa Minor) and raises it as a companion.
  • Lascaux- An Aatxe (Firey shapeshifting bull) who is a very brutish fighter.
  • Sony- A Zaratan (A giant island-backed whale) who provides camouflage and a mobile command center by posing as an island.
  • Temple- A Yali (An elephant-headed lion-bodied creature) who hails from wild African lands and is a very tough and bold fighter.
  • Blazing Speed- A Nightmare (Mare with flaming hair) from a distant land that fights with her speed, agility, reflexes, and fire abilities.
  • Flamsteed- A Nightmare and Blazing's best friend who is more cocky and reckless.
  • Landon- An Aspidochelone (Island-backed sea turtle) That is the leader of others that are deployed to act as camouflage.
  • Venice- A winged lion and the most noble and wise Aslen-style warrior of all the Guardians who joined after saving a land of Bushwoolies from a Hydra.
  • Paige- A Pantheon (Mythical creature) who fights because she has nothing left to do since everything she loved before is gone.
  • Mounty- A pterocentaur (Winged centaur) Who is a master archer and flier.
  • Gracestone- A Dracaena who is among the boldest female dragons of her old dragon home.
  • Sagitar- A elaphocentaur (A deer-based centaur) and master acrobat, archer, warrior, and protector of all life.
  • Trikto- A Kitsune and a master trickster and strategist warrior.
  • Senshi- A legendary anthropomorphic tanuki from the land of Tochia who, as with legend, is reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise and shapeshifting, but somewhat gullible and absentminded.
  • Waldo- A cynocentaur (dog-based centaur), expert martial artist, warrior, and trainer for the Guardians.
  • Virtue- A Feonix (Griffin-like wolf) who has the ability to wield harmonic and wildly calming magic.
  • Nightshade- A Stikini (Owl-based harpy) and a nocturnal master of stealth.
  • Grounderus- An Alce (Wingless griffin) and a daring ruthless warrior.

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  • The Storm Clan- One of their most relentless and global threats that they've been facing since they took their first land, including their leader The Storm King. Because of their sociopathic views that they is the only one whose rule can protect from ultimate threats, they has been viewed as menaces to especially the Guardians.
  • Septimus Croft- A Boggart who is a near-omnipotent powerful shapeshifter and is the infamous crime lord and the most powerful threat the Guardians of Harmony have ever faced, possessing a powerful gemstone called the Omniscience Opal that allows his power to be formidable to the Guardians.
  • Squirk- A kraken and a repurpose of the G1 villain of the same name, who is the scourge of Equestria's global oceans, ruling back when it was still mostly flooded. With the power of his Flashstone, he could manipulate all the elements he wishes until it was split in half by the bold seaponies. Thankfully, there is never any worry of him getting involved with a greater enemy as he is strictly preferent to be an independent villain with his sea-bee assistant Crank. This reason could be for a number of reasons, but the biggest could simply because this Squirk simply doesn't want to be held back by group standerds and do what he wishes.

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