Guinn S. Leecher is a Superior Common remora from Planet Lagoola. He is known to be a silly, and very dim-witted assistant and hygienic caretaker of Seth Daggertooth. As a species of fish that naturally attaches itself to large animals like sharks, he is often seen attaching himself to Seth's body, feeding off of the parasites on him, as well as the dead skin. Despite being a good assistant, Guinn is literally as stupid as a fish, often being silly and ridiculous in bad times, being like Dragonball Z Abridged Nappa. He is also often annoying when he attaches himself to Seth, as he often never shuts up, always constantly saying things like "Are we there yet?" or "Seth?" over and over as a result of impatience and stupidity. Regardless, he is still a valued assistant because some other remora assistants are occupied. Though unlike Seth's other henchmen, Guinn is not in fully-willful support of Seth's attempts for conquest. He doesn't even morally approve of his 'well meaning, but still mean' attempts to save Lagooia from being ruined by Baron Tritiumlung's reckless embracing of a controversial superior belief. Argueably, he's not even a real villain. He only hangs out with Seth and the other sharks because, outside of it being part of his remora nature, is doing it out of being the only 'real' friend Seth needs, if though Seth himself is being blinded by his own angry words of that he doesn't want any friends, meaning that Guinn is likely to end up becoming the one who would cause Seth's defeat and downfall, and will later make a new living as a movie producer. His powers include super-strength, sublimation, and a regenerative healing factor.

  • MCode: HfSsSul


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