Gus Gurgle

Gustave Swoom Gurgilda

Gustave S. Gurgilda
is an Alternate UUniversal human from Planet Harbanisan who was a good swimmer in his day due to his aquatic inheritance. But a camping trip to Camp Izivor on Planet Morbius turned him into a fish mutant when he was contaminated by the toxins from a factory right near the lake. Since Xandy's father, Xavier, (16 years old at the time) called the Morbius Department of Health, allowing them to clean up the toxins in the lake, Gus hasn't been seen ever since. The horror story about him was published, and he was considered a myth within a few more years. But when he tries to exact his revenge against Xandy's family, he will fall head over heels when he takes a look at Xavier's daughter. In some ways, he's a misguided soul, he had a bad childhood, and had absolutly horrendus socal skills, and a repeat offencer and a regular in juvie. Really, all he needs is someone to understand and accept him, but he also tends to have a bad understanding of morals and really tends to be a jerk.


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