Gwen the Gothy Harpy

Gwen Talonshire

Gwen Talonshire
is a glamorous harpy that likes to act somewhat depressing, but caring at the same time and is one of Taiku's gang of buddies. While she loves to learn about magic, she is also somewhat disinterested at socity.


Gwen was born on Planet Mythos. She grew up in a bland life, but soon found a boyfriend named John. They were together for a few years until John got AIDS, leaving Gwen devastated and fearing for his death. Even though she knew there was no possible cure, she would not have the one he ever cared for die. So she goes to a land of wizards where no non-wizards were allowed, and was punishable by death, and purchases an anti-virus potion. Unfortunately, when she is caught, she is denied to have the potion, and is sentenced to death.

However, she wasn't gonna stand losing her own boyfriend, so she breaks free and is forced to steal the anti-virus potion, and flee. She returns just in time to save John. But a day later, she is devastated when John leaves her for another girlfriend. She sues him in court, but winds up getting arrested after it is revealed that she stole the cure to save John. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

When she was released at age 17, she had become a complete goth, and never showed any emotion to anyone, and has changed massively since she went to jail. She shows a hate for wizards, she hates magic, she uses foul language, she behaves negatively, and she gets in trouble all the time. She became as big of a jerk as Gilda used to be, but when she goes too far when she violently attacks a bully in school, she is feared and no one liked her. But when John appears again, she meets up with Gwen again, but was devastated what he did to her.

John felt guilty, and decided to make up for his actions by not only apologizing, but telling her that he is no longer with his other girlfriend, and wants to be with her, and that he misses her. When that doesn't work, he just kisses her, bringing her back to normal. Gwen still remained part gothic, and has gotten her caring heart back. She makes up for what she did wrong, and passes high school, attending Magic University.

Gwen attended a class in occlumency and magic so she wouldn't have to deal with the same problem again, and even shared her past with Celestia. However, some wizards have begun hating her for her crimes, but Celestia defends her. Gwen meets Taiku and his friends, and joins them. Taiku shares his own backstory with her, and she is the only one who knows about it. She will soon be forced to go on an epic adventure when she meets Twilight Sparkle.   

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