A gwythaint

The Gwythaints are the Horned King's aerial dragon scouts, patrolling the skies for whatever he seeks. They debuted kidnapping Hen Wen. They are also called the Wyvern twins in the spongebob adventures universe. One of the gwythaints fell to its doom, while the other is currently still at large alongside the Creeper. the one that fell is rumored to somehow avoided banishment and eventally caught up with the other and Creeper. (proofen by the Epilogue in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Hercules) it's confermed that the wyvern twins are female, as mentioned by Devon and Cornwall. also mentioned by them that their names are Rebecca and Surly, although they're not sure which is which. it appears since Creeper lost his loyalty to the leage, the Wyvern twins followed Creeper, possably as simple Mounts, and maybe having un-dying loyalty to Creeper with the Horned King Banished to the banished realms.

Another Gwythaint

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