Hacker is the main villain in the PBS Kids Go show Cyberchase.


Hacker or The Hacker was created by Dr. Marbles and used to work for Motherboard. However, he later turned bad and tried to take the Encryptor Chip from her heartdrive. Due to this he was banished to the Northern Frontier (Digit, a cyborg bird whom he created, was taken along he put the chip back in Motherboard's heartdrive). So Hacker later gets Digit to build Buzz and Delete, his current henchmen. He then goes back to the base and downloads a virus. The kids from Earth were at the computer when this happened, and they make a download. Luckily, Dr. Marbles already set up the firewall when this happened, and Motherboard is left partially infected. He also owns a ship called the Grim Wreaker (a parody of the Grim Reaper). His goal is to de-throne Motherboard and rule all of Cyberspace. He nearly suceeded on at least two occasions. He is a rather green humanoid and is bald, so he wears Elvis Presley-like hairdo. He often calls the kids "Earth brats" and Digit "Cyber turkey."

Role in the series

The Hacker is an enemy of Spongebob and Pooh, and may possibly become a member of either Team Nefarious or the Fang Empire should Scroopfan consider him to appear at all. if so, Scroopfan beleaves that since he's pracitly idiotic, and the fact he's a kiddie villain, it's highly likely he's Team Nefarious bound.

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