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Hades, Lord of the Underworld

Hades is the main antagonist of the Mt. Olympus crisis and a grand councilmember of the Villain League. he is an Ex-boyfriend of Maleficent, but however still a good friend to her, though it's not explained why Maleficent left Hades as a boyfriend or what is his relationship with Jafar.

Powers and Abilities[1]Edit

As a god and one of the sons of Kronos Hades is a very powerful being though his powers are surpassed by his brother Zeus, and are rivaled by his brother Poseidon.

He has many powers, including immortality, regeneration, teleportation, levitation, intangibility, and control over fire and smoke. Over his many appearences he has displayed a wide range of additional magical power including stripping Hercules of his strength, conjuring plagues, size adjustment and granting vast magical powers to others as well as restoring them to life. He possesses some level of superhuman strength, but it is below that of Hercules and presumable his brother Zeus. As an immortal he cannot die, but can still feel pain such as from Zeus's thunderbolts.

Hades is also a very talented trickster and fast talker, able to convince almost anyone to work for him. He frequently makes promises to fulfill the wishes of others, but is usually working his own angle.

Role in the film[2]Edit

Early in the film, Hades consults with the Fates on his plan to take over Mount Olympus. They tell him that when the planets align eighteen years later, Hades will unleash the horrible Titans and that they would lead him to victory. However, if Hercules fought, Hades would fail.

Hades decides to nip the Hercules threat in the bud by having Pain and Panic feed the infant Hercules a potion that will make him mortal,. However, Hercules doesn't drink the last drop of the potion, meaning he still retains his godlike strength. Years later, when Hades discovers Hercules was still alive, he takes matters into his own hands, attempting to recruit an army of monsters to defeat Hercules.

When Hades discovers that Hercules could not be defeated by his monsters, he sends Megara to seduce Hercules and find his weakness. She falls in love with Hercules on their date and forgets about the mission, simply saying that he has no weakness. Hades deducts that Hercules's love for Megera is his weakness and uses her to trick Hercules into giving up his godlike strength for Meg's safety. Hercules agrees, and Hades, knowing Hercules will not interfere, not only unleashes the Titans but also sends the Cyclops to kill Hercules while he is powerless.

During the Cyclops's attack on Hercules, a pillar falls on Meg, severely injuring her. This breaks Hades' promise that Meg would not be hurt, causing Hercules to regain his strength. Hercules proceeds to go to Mount Olympus, defeating the Titans and thwarting Hades' invasion. However, Meg has died because of her injuries, and Hades claims her soul as his consolation prize, knowing how much her death will hurt Hercules.

Hercules storms into the Underworld, subdues Cerberus, and confronts Hades, demanding him to return Meg. Hades smugly explains to Hercules that Meg is dead, and he can't have her back. Hercules offers his soul in exchange for Meg's, and Hades displays a moment of being genre savvy, seeing the deal as almost too good to be true. However he decides to agree on the condition that Hercules must retrieve her himself. It is not until Hercules has already dived in that he shouts that he'll be dead before he can get to her. The Fates attempt to cut Hercules' life thread, but are unable to. Hercules' genuinely heroic sacrifice causes him to become a god, making him immortal. Hercules emerges from the river, carrying Meg, and Hades, astounded, attempts to smooth-talk Hercules again, who angrily punches him, sending Hades into the Styx, where he is swarmed by the souls trapped inside and dragged into its depths.

Seeing as Hades is a god and therefore immortal, and the fact that no chronological sequel to Hercules exists, Hades' ultimate fate is uncertain, but so far his most likely fate is that he remains trapped in the River Styx - at least until a sequel lets him climb out.

In the end, Hades caused his own downfall; Hades' efforts to neutralize Hercules were what caused him to learn of his plans and provoked him to fight against Hades, and inevitably resulted in his god-hood being restored. Hercules knocks him into the River Styx where the souls attack him pulling him down. He is presumable still trapped in the river.

Role in the Series

Even after his defeat at the hands of Spongebob and Hercules, Hades remains as one of the Villain League's valuable assets in their bid to take over the united Universes and release Malefor from the Banished Realms. Hades wields the Death God keyblade as he uses it sometimes to extract a mortal's soul, then transform it into a Heartless or Unversed goon for Malefor to control. Hades also has high authority over many of the other villains as evidenced in Spongebob meets Hercules when he is calling them forth after summoning Pain and Panic. This massive army of villains includes:

Hades' completed Z-Blade

  • Dr. Facilier
  • Etemon
  • the Gazimon
  • Tzekel-Kan
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Rourke and the Commando Heartless
  • The Frog Hunters
  • Mack Salmon
  • Makunga
  • Tai Lung
  • Dr. Blowhole
  • Foussa
  • Cerberus
  • and Cloud Strife.

Since Hades has a dark Keyblade, it's only natural that he have his own keyblade armor to use in battle.

Hades's Keybearer armor