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Hades is a twin variant of Hades, only in the world of SpongeBob. He is a mean an arrogant, and really cruel and manipulative, brother of King Neptune I (Original), who is not only the ruler of the Underworld of Tartarus, but wishes to take over everything as the result of being the butt of all jokes and being overshined, given no credit or acknowledgement, and his top brother, Zeus, always tells him he was only good for being the scum of the dead. As a result of oppressive treatment, Hades intends to get payback by taking over all the Gods of SpongeBob's world, including King Neptune. However, he ends up starting this plan in the mits of another Leage Situation with his own brother's son, which would lead to the heroes to become his problem during his own plan. Aside from his main pawn, the deity of death by drowning Gorgyra, he has two hagy Harpies named Abuse and Misery, abuse being comical and the always clumsy pain getting one, and misery being mopey and phathic, who work as his eyes in the sky.


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SB Hades has blends between Disney Hades with original details from his traditional appearance but given a Spongebob world appearance. He has a two-pronged spear, a black robe, a black flaming head of short hair, dark-blue eyes, pale-blue skin, and black obsidian armlets and a small crown.