Hagry Moans

Hagry Damma Moans

Hagry D. Moans is an Alternate UUniversal Slora from Planet Ovenga. He was a space pirate who was famous for being a master of solid-light holography and digital illusions, combining it with some good-old fashioned black magic. Initially from Recex, he was raised by exiled space-pirates who taught him how to become a famous space pirate and 'do what space pirates are meant to do: plunder and pillage'. He started out a poor fighter, but he learned to be strong through his fascination with digital illusion, and he was trained to be a master at it, and he was able to rob many worlds across the AUU through his solid-light holographic monstrous pirates called Holobots which came in many forms and had incredible powers, and even learned how to combine this with black magic from a spooky but beautiful Spacean space witch named Callypion, making him much more powerful and feared. It wasn't until his inevitable death in a giant quantum mana storm that his reign of mana-holographic terror ended. But unfortunately, he had planned for such an event to happen and magically copied his own consciousness into a small holographic databank which serves as his new digital heart, and he was resurrected as a holographic robot avatar for which his soul can inhabit and had the same powers as his scurvy digital crew. He sailed through the ocean of stars on his ship, The Devil's Cruise, which was cursed into never leaving space, along with Hagry himself. He was sure to return for vengeance someday, blaming Callypion for his death and breaking up with the space witch. His ship soon became part-magic, part-cosmic, part-digital, and part-real to the point where what it really was became shrouded in mystery, becoming an overgrowth of astrofauna, biotic machines, and especially when he obtained an old legendary monster after accidentally imprinting on it and waking it from it's slumber. Hagry Moans, Like his OUU counterpart, Davy Jones, is an idiom for the endless death surrounding space, in that it can kill you in many ways, creating the superstitious phrase 'Hagry Moans' Locker' or more modernly 'Hagry Moans Wormhole'.


Born in the days of which space was still an endless mystery, Hagry was originally from Planet Recex, who had not yet learned how to travel worlds with spacecraft. He was abducted by some of the first space pirates from Ovenga and raised to be one of them. He found the endless ocean of stars fascinating, and aimed to be a pirate unlike any other. He traveled across the AUU and after finding out about his true heritage and organizing a mutiny to take his abductor's ship, the Devil's Cruise, he returned to Recex and discovered the gift of digital and holographic technology, but found it difficult to control magic for eons.

As his power with digital and holographic technology grew, so did his skills as a pirate, and he inevitably built a giant crew of Holobots after his precious crew, a Strogon first-mate named First-Mate Macxux, an Ostaisopod second-mate named Second-Mate Penmos, an Anmara third-mate named Third-Mate Anglus, and a Nassiral fourth-mate named Fourth-Mate Hadimer, turned mutiny and ended up assimilated into the Holobot crew, while the rest would end up killed. Thus he continued his long journey of plundering and pillaging as one of the most feared first space pirates ever. Then one day he came across the unknown recesses of the Theta Quadrant. There he met a space witch named Callypion, who had rescued him from a dangerous cosmic storm along with his crew and taught him how to finally master magic by giving him the easiest alternative: black magic. Though it tainted his body, he could always use holography to hide it.

Thus he continued to evolve this black magic and apply it to his very own crew and his ship. This made him a far worse pirate and even made him an infamous legend and omen of death. He continued this for hundreds of years as he kept seeing Callypion and even falling in love with her. But as time went on, the disadvantages of space travel made him unable to live in a gravitational pull any longer, forcing him to forever live in weightlessness, regardless of artificial gravity. He solved other problems by applying black magic, but overusing the black magic started to turn the Devil's Cruise into something more akin to a ghost ship. It was now as black as space, which actually helped him more. Plus, the Holobots became more magical and more like holographic ghosts.

But one day, the Devil's Cruise ended up wandering into a quantum storm rich and reactive to mana. The magic surging around the ship ensured that it died immediately. But because of the mana composition, the remnants had a mind of it's own, allowing the conscious of Hagry to resurrect himself via a remnant data chip pouring his mind, heart, and soul magically into it, allowing him to resurrect himself, and even magically and digitally restore his crew, now fully ghostly, but in mystery of what it really was because it was now part-magic, part-data, part-holography, and part-organic. And the crew even changed. He began to assimilate many into his crew, and those, except his first-fourth mates, who have served the crew long enough end up becoming part of the ship. He even accidentally stumbled upon the legendary Mooqin, which he ended up awakening and taming via his magic, and even merging into his ship and unmerging when needed. Now, he was more infamous as a more literal omen and superstition for spatial death. He continues to haunt and collect from people to this day, camouflaged as dark matter.

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