Hagry Moans' Holobots are Alternate UUniversal solid-light holographic machines which serve as the pirate crew of the diabolical space pirate Hagry Moans. They were designed specifically to strike fear in the hearts of their master's foes, and that meant looking like monstrous creatures that came in various forms, sizes ranging from the size of a rabbit to the size of a dinosaur. They were semi-sentient and were able to use their light-manipulation abilities to create various forms of solid-light weapons. Hagry's ship, The Devil's Cruise, contains an assembly chamber where all Holobots originate, being made from assembly for quick deployment. The robots' endoskeletons are composed of titanium, making them difficult to destroy, but their main weaknesses are the light cores inside certain spots in them depending on the type, and extensive damage to them can destroy the Holobot. But even so, it is almost impossible to tackle such a spot when the Holobots have incredible reflexes, agility, stamina, and speed. They could be controlled by both Hagry, and his ultimate guardian, the solid-light beast called the Mooqin.


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Imp Holobot

(Picture coming soon...) Imps are insect-like holobots which are the size of an average rabbit. They are known for attacking in numbers, and are quick on their 4 insect legs and see with their infrared red eye that sits on a head on a medium-length neck. They are agile and their common strategy is to jump onto their opponents and use their infrared-ray-emitting eyes to cause agonizing pain. This can often result in death within 2 minutes when a whole group is on the opponent. They are as intelligent as raptors, and attack in coordinated formations. Their legs can come with holographic pikes which they can use for stabbing. They are easy to kick, but only kicking one is an amateur strategy since there are a lot of them. Their light cores are contained within their middle areas, and are very fragile, and can usually be detonated at will. When an Imp is on it's own, it will detonate itself.

Dastard Holobot

(Picture coming soon...) Dastards are the pinnacle of Hagry's holobot crew. They are anthropomorphic holobots with the appearance of monster pirates that look like a blend between organism and machine. They can digitally morph their arms into three kinds of weapons: light-bullet cannons, swords, and plasma cannons. They are as intelligent as a common pirate, and make up most of the crew's brains. They have experience in various forms of combat, and they can intimidate their opponents using a holographic monster-face shriek. Their light cores are contained within their heads, and an easy sniper shot to it is about enough to destroy it. But not all Dastards are smart. Some are not very bright and will often make mistakes.

Bruiser Holobot

(Picture coming soon...) Bruisers are just like the Dastards, only bulkier and physically stronger. They are the brawns of the crew, and they can morph their hands into 2 weapons: large swords, and large plasma cannons that can deal massive amounts of damage. These holobots are very difficult to take down, especially with the light core, which is contained within it's heavily-armored chest. Rupturing the core will take 5 rocket blasts until it explodes. They have the personalities of apes or wrestlers, and have great knowledge in wrestling techniques. They also have the shriek scare technique that the Dastards have. They can often make mistakes, but they are still very strong and virtually unstoppable.

Deviant Holobot

(Picture coming soon...) Deviants are large holobots which resemble people with 6 spider-legs. They are very bulky, and are much stronger than Bruisers. They are capable of crawling on surfaces, and their shriek techniques are the most fearful of all of the holobots. They are agile and reflexive, being capable of dodging attacks with ease and accuracy. They can morph their arms into only one weapon: light-bullet chainguns which can deal extensive amounts of damage. Their light cores are contained within their middle areas, and extensive damage can destroy it. The problem is being quick enough and smart enough to strike it.

Gleaner Holobot

(Picture coming soon...) Gleaners are the largest holobots in Hagry's disposal. They resemble Imps, but are the size of a sauropod dinosaur. Hagry only has 3 Gleaners, and each is very powerful, especially together. Each of them have 4 insect-like legs, and have long necks and 8 eyes. Their roars are very ear-piercing and monstrous, and their most notable weapon is not just their size, but their eyes, which are not only capable of creating infrared rays, but they are capable of firing lasers which do great amounts of damage. Their lasers are powered by two wing-like structures on their backs that are actually sails that absorb solar energy to power their lasers. Their light cores are contained inside their middles just like with the Imps, only they are much more armored. Destroying this core can be dangerous, however, and comes with an explosion as strong as a hydrogen bomb.

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