Hal 3000 in a half

Hal 3000 1/2

Hal 3000 1/2 is a mini-boss in the Omicron game. He is a slightly more-moronic, and comical parody of Hal 3000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. He first appears as a mini-boss in the second level of the first stage of the game trying to forcefully do experiments on Dr. Cockroach until he is stopped by the players. He soon makes another appearance as a giant machine later on.


  • Enemy Threat: Neutral
  • Appearance: Research Facility, Robot Factory
  • Abilites: (Research Facility) Appears from anywhere in the area, attempting to kill you through Probes, explosives, and an eye-laser. He has control of the entire room's security settings, so watch out and avoid them. Though he has the audacity to taunt you every chance he gets, and that's when you're free to strike him in his only weak-spot in the eye. (Robot Factory) He is now a giant robot guardian with the same explosives and eye-laser, but he throws the newest Probes with blades at you, large rocket punching fists, and he is much better-armored. The best thing to do is to use the Chronocon to dodge his quick-attacks and hit him where he's vulnerable with the Homuzooka.
  • Purpose: Hal 3000 1/2 originally started out as a project that didn't even get started yet until Vi-Tor took over the project following his takeover, building Hal 3000 1/2 for the sole purpose of automatic and high-tech security of the labs of his Omicron company. Hal 3000 1/2 had since been intelligent and strategic until one of Vi-Tor's corrupted pawns, Mayor Jerkbeetle, accidentally dropped soda into his intelligence chip, causing a malfunction that made him as bright as an American gangster.
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