Half Face Moangroran

"Let's have a go, ya mug."

Moangrorran was once a simple hunter of the Gargoyles of Equestria. He normaly stayed clear of mindless politics and current problems of the world, but when he was struck in the face by a descendant of the Judu Des Clan, he had to wear black half-face mask as a result and was forced to sign up and join with King George and his Gargoyle Army. His markmanship and deadly accuracy with a crossbow is only counteracted by shields and protective magic. Despite his best efforts, the Gargoyles still lost their land in the Pony-Gargoyle War. He maintained his loyalty to George as they lived in a secluded wet cave where they remain during the daytime when they are just stone statues. He isn't very much trusting to Man-Vulture, a griffin mutanted by a potion, and is concerned he would make the misguided king forget original pure intentions and become dark. He enlighteningly let go of his desired vengence for the Judu Des Clan in general because he knew revenge lead to no true satisfaction and offered nothing but self corruption. But the honor of the huntsman restricts him to do what needs to be done, even when he lost the desire to bring harm to ponies.


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