Halifax the All-Knowing

Halifax Petey Taragonia the All-Knowing

Halifax P. Taragonia the All-Knowing is a fictional Superior Emperor tamarin published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He is the founder of the Justice Continuum, and is an old friend of Grotch Prometheus. He was once known for being a comic book-reading nerd in school, and grew up to become a guard for the Prometheus Temple until he was inspired to keep heroism balanced and cataloged when too many of the guards were guilty of conspiracy. He decided that the best way to do that was to be omnipotent, despite that it's illegal. Regardless, he was able to convince Grotch personally to legally create a police force to help regulate heroism and make sure that heroes didn't go crazy enough to corrupt other heroes. Thus, the Justice Continuum was born. He became the sole leader of the JC, and created his own community in the moon's core consisting of a Marvel Asgard-like community called Arcadia, which is ruled by the Justice Continuum, and has over 5 minor-ruling kingdoms. He makes sure heroism isn't being manipulated, as well as superpowers. He is a strict, but kind-hearted leader who is willing to do anything to accomplish a job. As the leader of the Justice Continuum, he is omnipotent, possessing all the power in the UUniverses.
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